Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Its foggy and cold and a little icy in places, but all is well in the Matson home. Karrea has been staying in her Jammie's all day. I ask her to change but she loves her new Jammie's.

One of my old daycare buddies, Kaleb, came and visited me yesterday. He has glasses now. I Karrea asked him...why do you have glasses now and he says in a serious voice "cuz i have 2 astigmatism's" Too funny! All grown up! I told him Dylan was here this weekend and he missed Kaleb...Kaleb says......"I chose to do something else this weekend" Oh snap! "I'm a big kid now!" kept running through my head.

Ron didn't have any jobs today so I got up and ran some errands. OH NO.....the dreaded MUG SHOT on the ole drivers license. It was painless. The lady at the DMV even commented I took a good picture! Who knew it would take 42 years to finally be happy with the DMV photo/info. I would still like to weigh what I put down on my mug shot. Someday!

I handed in my time card for babysitting. I can't help but feel sad for some of the "girls" that are in line for Welfare services. I am blessed. Some of these girls are in Shai's class. Sophomore! Wow. What a trying time for them. What really really makes me sad...........I saw it coming. I knew in 5th grade who would end up in the DHHS office.

I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. I have never professed that I was perfect or my children (or husband) but what I do know is that we have had the opportunity to receive the true message. We are blessed with the knowledge. What we do with that knowledge us strictly up to the individual after 8 years old.

It is hard as a parent to watch your kids make silly, head shaking decisions. It is also a relief to know It is NOT on my shoulders. It is for their learning experience. A lot of the things I learned I learned from watching others suffer through their mistakes. There were a few I learned the hard way too. I am okay with that. I am okay with having my kids learn the hard way too, as long as it doesn't cost me any money, haha! ( I don't have any)

I just got done reading the article in the January Ensign...Hold on a little longer. What a great challenge given to all of us. I would like God to have confidence in me I will endure to the end. I have been given a lot of challenges in life. I Love the Lord, and all that he gives me. (which isn't much, and from what I read in the scriptures, that is how you should like it)

Last night we kind of had a scare. Ron called around 2:30 saying he was done and dropping off the bill to Catholic Services there in Hastings. He asked me if it was foggy in Kearney. No, it was sunny and nice. I expected him home around 4:00.....NO SHOW. 4:30 I start calling his cell phone. NO Answer. 5:30, no answer, 6:00 no answer, 6:30 no answer. I looked at Karrea and I said.....Will you ask Jesus where your daddy is? She looked up at the Jesus picture right above her head..........JESUS....WHERE IS MY DADDY? She laughed.......Oh he is going slow mom, he doesn't want his pads to freeze! (too funny) I said. Okay, I just didn't know if he was in a car accident or not. She said....."what happens in a car accident" I said....well, in weather like this most people die! She said......"OH NO.........if that happens we won't have a daddy!" AAAWWW

I was just about to go and look for him when I got a phone call. "Sorry, my phone was in the van and I was at Dale's Shop looking at the motor home they want us to clean. He wants to sell it to me so he was showing me everything about it. man, he can talk your ear off!" Those who know Ron, he is a man of few words....to strangers. To me......Um, I won't go there!

I was angry with him. 'Its about time' attitude. Then I softened when I shared what Karrea had experienced in prayer.

I'm so grateful for the direct line to our Heavenly Father. He loves each of us! He knows our name. He knows our hearts and our attitudes. He will guide us EACH....if we but desire, and be obedient. What a great blessing! I love my children. I can only imagine how much he loves us. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

I'm so glad that with this MIST around us..fog...I can still see the light!


Elaine Edwards said...

That's a nice reminder that our kids need to learn from their mistakes. I just wish they would listen to us when we are trying to protect them

shayster said...

I totally agree Elaine. I know God is trying to tell me something. LOL Are my listening ears on ?