Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010

I have pondered over the past couple of weeks what I have to have happen this coming year.
2010. Wow, who knew I would even see this day. When I was in fifth grade I think we visualized us all in space ships in this year!

Let me reflect on 2009 first and then I'll see if I can make some resolutions.

1. I have met so many people in Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning I feel very blessed to be able to talk with adults and have conversations. 19 years of daycare....I often wondered if I could have a conversation.......well, without Dude and Cool in it!

2. I have spent more hours in a van traveling with Ron then I knew I could handle. It has been fun. I was hating it for a small moments, but when I can't handle the traffic or the country music twang, I just get my ipod out and played bejeweled 2

3. I have taxied my kids around more this year. It has really burned my buns some nights, but I see that it makes them happy. And I survived the late night play practices, and the entertainment of Les Miserable was delightful.

4. I have seen Miss Karrea grow up so fast. I am overwhelmed by her honesty. I hope it lasts. She loves to play horses, and barbies, and puppies and she is just a really nice little girl (with a case of the snotties once in awhile...okay around 4-5 pm she is a bear!)

5. Justice has helped me more this year than before. I take that back. He used to be my little helper from 3-5 years old. Where ever I was, he was! It seems as if when he turned 12 a light came on, and Helping Hands came into motion.

6. I'm glad to see Adrienne so happy with Chris. I hope their relationship can be a good one! I hope they can weather all that God sees fit to give them. Its hard to believe that she is getting married, at such a young age......but God willing! It will work out!

7. I have fought for a few things this year. I'm still fighting, I'm still enduring. I'm still hoping I can beat this fight! I struggle with not being needed. (wanted, respected) I just have to have faith that I am in the place that I'm supposed to be. I can't force anything on anyone! I am hoping 2010 gives me some much needed answers! Some days I don't feel very brave!

8. I have missed a few things this year. I have missed a good girl friend talk. I have reached out to a few.....and the bucket was contributed to. I'm trying not to be scared. I know I intimidate I've been told by several people! I struggle to know if God needs me to be who I am or do I need to change?

9. I have missed my family. Jerry used to call all the time, but he feels he is a burden. NOT TRUE! I had plans for Christmas but the weather kept us from going. We had plans for Thanksgiving but new baby kept us home. (Nancy was at the hospital) So we have rolled with the roller coaster ride. Trying to be the best, and do the best that we can do. I guess maybe God is testing to see if we will endure and endure it well.

10. I have missed Blogging and writing in my journal. It is my best friend! I enjoy reading others too. Its quite freeing!

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