Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 HOPES

I have lots of hopes and dreams. Most of them are way above attaining, but that is okay! At least God knows I at least think of them. I started working on most of these last year, maybe even years and I'm just typing them to keep them foremost on my mind and alive.

1. Family Scripture and Prayer are top of the list. We did really good until a certain teenager turned about 17. I wasn't brave enough to battle the "tude" so we quit. I am a single parent for the most part....Until this year. Ron has promised to be a better spiritual support. YAY

2. Family Home Evening was Family Home Argument. I had it in my mind it had to be perfect...everyone smiles and respect, it was never there 100% so we quit. It was more of a heartache, but this year is different and we have been doing really good about FHE since August 2009

3. The whole family has had the FRESHMAN 15 the past few months. Its very discouraging when you can't even get your stretchy pants on. We haven't really found the strength in doing better eating. I sat down Sunday and went through the recipe books and I have done good so far.
Monday smothered burritos, Tuesday was potato soup, Wednesday is cutlets in the crockpot with mushroom gravy (diced tomatoes and green chilis too). It will last a few recipes. I may freeze a casserole or two. (Our friends donated some deer meat to us, and so we are going to be brave and EAT IT!) Thursday is baked enchiladas. Friday is chicken chiliquiles. Saturday is tuna sandwiches. Sunday is smothered veggie burgers and baked potatoes or fries and salad.

4. I am giving myself a 20 allowance a week and the rest is going in the bank. I am so over my head in debt I hate myself. I can do this! Ron has taken over most of the groceries, which is where I am usually over my head in. We all expect certain things in the house, but at what cost. Now I have to ask if I can get this or that. We'll see how that pans out! It really is tough feeding a family of 5 plus all the daycare I have for under 375.00

5. I quit working out last spring when the daylight savings went into effect. I just couldn't get out of bed. I was always exhausted. Couldn't catch up on my sleep. I can feel it. Everything is saggy and I have no strength. I tell myself everyday to get up and take Shai to Seminary so I can walk the gym. I haven't done it yet! I started again in the fall but my friend quit bringing her kids to seminary and it just wasn't the same. I was going to just for ladies but I don't feel comfortable there. They have hired a few lesbians. Things in the locker room came up missing a few times too. I have a membership there, it is just waiting for my signature. I'm so confused. Maybe I expect too much from an establishment.

6. I really want to be where Heavenly Father NEEDS me to be and I don't need a "man" telling me where that is. I will vow again that I will go and do the things which the "Lord" has commanded. It's hard being in a calling (in my case NOT being in a calling) when you feel and know you should be somewhere else. I still feel like I'm not supposed to be in Kearney Nebraska but this economy has me STUCK here. How scary and frustrating! I don't want to just Survive, I want to thrive!

7. I want to be the best that I can be! That is always my goal! I want to continue to live my life where the spirit guides and directs me. That doesn't always make me the most popular, and I have NO friends that want to hang out with me! (haha) All I can do is what I do! Be who I know how to be. Be guided and directed.

Here is to a successful and hopeful 2010

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!