Friday, January 8, 2010


Last year on facebook someone started listing 3 things they were grateful for in their status updates so I started doing the same. I have kept a gratitude journal for years now. It is a blessing. I am on a list that has us take 10 minutes and write something from the prompt she sends us. This year she wants us to write 5 things we are grateful for (they can not repeat at all) and then pick ONE to write about. It has been a great start to a new chili (okay, down right freezing) year.

I'm also on another list that we share our lessons in life. One of the writers wrote over 100 things she was grateful for. You have to dig deep, and no repeats. I found myself grateful for the things she was grateful and didn't even think of some of them she said, like hot chocolate with whipped topping. NOW THAT SOUNDS GOOD RIGHT NOW. I sat at McDonalds yesterday because Karrea wanted nuggets and fries, and I see all this advertisement for FRAPPE, or MOCHA JOKA something or other. It gave us a chance to discuss with Karrea about Coffee and the effects it has on your tummy, and when little girls like "abby" drink they bounce off the walls. (she sneaks grandmas)

I'm going to start today by listing 25 things I am grateful for and hopefully next few times I get on the blog I'll list 25 more until I have over 100. (with the daycare I only have a few minutes of clear thinking, typing time, haha)

2. New Undies from UTAH
3. My Friend Rhonda who is going to Omaha with me SOON!!
4. Elaine who is taking good care of my oldest Adrienne
5. Chris who is also taking good care of Adrienne
6. Shai who is an amazing writer. She let me read a story she had to write for Lit and even JD was in tears.
7. Justice, who for some reason, has been helping me out......(must be the 12 year old power, haha)
8. Karrea who is just simply cute, amazing, smart, cheerful, funny, and bossy! (who is also asking me when Adrienne was going to come back)
9. Ron who is still sleeping! UM, its almost 10 am.
10. Microwaves that warm up left over potato soup
11. Healthy Choice soups
12. Daycare kids that LOVE IT here! (and I love them)
13. Great self help CD's (The Platinum Marriage by Dr Elia Gourgouris, Ph. D)
14. My computer
15. All of my HomeHeartstrings sisters. I didn't have a sister growing up (all my internet sisters)
16. My friend Kim. She listens and she talks
17. My friend Liz, who we can not talk for months and when we do we still finish each others thoughts and sentences.
18. My car. I had someone offer me 15, 000.00 for it. me in a week when my car payment is due. haha
20. Omaha, the temple. I can't wait to walk in and do some work for my family
21. Coke Zero for some reason it helps me focus
22. New dishes
23. New recipes
24. New Beginnings
25. New perspective on the scriptures (been awhile since I read the new testament. LOVE IT)


Elaine Edwards said...

I saw that you left a message on my blog and Iwent back later and it was gone. :(

shayster said...

Ya, I told you to let me know when that purse was up for bids! Hha

Elaine Edwards said...

I made my blog private but if you send me your email address I'll send you an invite.