Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November flew by

I don't even know where November went. I don't even recall any lasting impressions I had from November. Life lessons? Hmmmm.

I really enjoyed working for Ron. His back went out the second week of November. Adrienne came down for a few weeks to work and build up some money and really have some feelings swell, mostly against us! Hhahaa!! The circle of life! gotta love it! Chris came down to pick her up and I suggested to Ron that he invite Chris to help him. That didn't go over to well. Ron went by himself. Guess what? He bent over and BAM out went his back. The last three weeks have been heck for him. I made him work by himself the rest of the week. We didn't have a babysitter, Adrienne went back to Omaha. She had a job at Kohl's and she missed her honey. She doesn't miss us. I don't blame her. Its boring here!

Ron was really hurting so I worked for him for a few days by myself. I really enjoyed it. The third week we had a babysitter. They were life savers! and Back savers! Thank you Shai and Mikayla!

Today I am babysitting. Yesterday I did pretty good by myself. Got some paper work done, a little organizing done, and some games played. Haha! Last night around 9 or so I saw that a sister in the Stake passed away from Breast Cancer. It truly brings back memories of when my "birth" mother died. It has been almost 10 years and I still can smell her perfume. Tears flow! Stacie left behind 6 wonderful children. The oldest just getting off of his mission and in college. Erik being on his mission. Leanna is the oldest daughter. I can't imagine being the "momma" at this time. I don't even know how old the youngest is, maybe 8? My heart and prayers go out to the Spencer family at this time! Sis. Bergen is right, God has an angel there. Heaven will be fun again! I'm so jealous! She is still beautiful to me! I miss you to Ma! Everywhere I turn wonderful moms are flying to heaven, and I'm sitting here jealous! What is up with that?


GRAMEE said...

you are so dear to me..
i am saying extra prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

LJ, I could feel the prayers, it was like the light was shining through. Life is fragile, life is good, life brings us what is needed to return. I'm so grateful for loving, caring friends! Thank you! You are the best!