Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random thoughts in October

The first part of the month of October was very busy for Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning. I was helping Ron Every day. My house looked it too. My babysitter was great with the children and I didn't expect her to keep up on the house too. Its enough work with a three year old, and 18 month old and a 5 month old. She did wonderful! I miss her! Since she has started school I have had to be home. Leaving Ron to go out in the dark and dreary world alone!

I have seen him grow. I have seen him too exhausted I try really hard not to feel guilty. I love to go with him. I love the people, I love the work, I love to be busy. He is doing so much better. I am very proud of him. There were a few days I would feel impressed to call and just say. I LOVE YOU.....YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS. In return he would say.......What are you smoking? LOL!!! I know, blew myself away. I'm not used to being that AWARE of him!

Our Relief Society lesson about a month ago was Joseph Smith telling us to greet our spouses with Love and affection. They do NOT need our harshness too. The World gives it to them... and plenty of it! Ron is very blessed he works in a business that people LOVE YOU! They NEED you and best of all.......They PAY YOU! LOL!

This past weekend I attended my 5th Time Out For Women. I drove to Kansas City with Pam Carlson, Liz Kofoed, Ann Beins, Lori Carlson. I loved it! The drive went super fast. Only the last half our of our trip home I started to feel tired. I came home and crashed. Sorry Ron, LOL!

There are so many highlights I could talk about. I loved the sisterhood we had in the vehicle. The talk, the testimonies, and the spirit. The laughter. The only thing I truly missed was my bestest buddy coming. Stacy called and said her whole house was sick and couldn't attend. I hope she felt our love for her.

We got a great suprise. We were sad that Sheri Dew couldn't attend but John Bytheway wore her name tag with pride. He is so funny. More so in person because we got to see his expressions.

I didn't fall asleep during S. Michael Wilcox this time. I am so glad! They learned not to put him after lunch. LOL!!! The bestest speaker for me was Kris Belcher. Yes......like a burp! She said her brother used to burp on her answering machine! LOL!! She had us crying because we were laughing so hard and crying because of the spirit that was felt. I am so grateful for her! We went up to her afterwards to get our picture taken (she is blind due to tumors) and she asked me if I had any jokes, and I told her she stole all my jokes. Lori took our picture with my camera and then I asked if we could take one with Pams camera and she said no problem then I asked her if the Flash bothered her. She laughed........she told me that was a good one and that she was going to use that next time! I know I was blind after that flash! LOL!!

Life was good this weekend. I was flying high all the way. I had so much love and energy when I got home (well after a good nights sleep and a nap on Sunday).

I got my whole house cleaned and laundry done on Monday that today I was bored and just played games all day! I have some time to blog. That is amazing!

Adrienne and Chris are coming for a visit this weekend. We are all going to Shai's Play at the High School Les Miserable. Then we are going to Celebrate Karrea's 4th birthday. Her birthday is not until the 7th of November, but its a way to get Adrienne home. haha! Shhh don't tell her!

Adrienne got engaged a few weeks ago. Now we have a wedding to get ready for. I hope all goes well, and anyone that has some helping advice, I'm open to receive it!

Life is good. I have a Coke Zero in one hand and sick kids in another, but this too shall pass. So far I have not yet received it. I'm hoping they choose not to share this time! ha

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