Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scared Spitless!

Saturday on the books was a big house to clean. Snow was in the forcast. Friday Night Adrienne called to let me know she and Chris were going to leave for Denver after their laundry was complete. They were going to spend the night at Josh's house and then head for Nebraska Saturday morning. I told her that Snow was in the forcast. "are you kidding me, It's beautiful here!" NOPE, I'm not kidding.

While cleaning the carpets upstairs (Ron was working on the downstairs) I got the impression to call Adrienne. Shai called me, asking about Homecoming that night, and I asked her if she would do me a favor and call Adrienne and Chris. She called back with this message.

Mom, Adrienne is stuck in a ditch. 'does she know where she is at?' No, she thinks she is 30 miles from "someplace" and about 200 miles from home. She says she is freezing, dirty and cold, she had to go because the cell phone was dying! Shai, is she okay? I don't know. What? Mom, I don't know any details, that is all I know! She had a tone with me. I freaked out! Don't get a tone with me, I need to know EVERYTHING.......did she mention Mile marker or if she was in Colorado or Nebraska. NO mom, she didn't tell me anything else.

OKAY!!!!!!!! FREAKY FREAKY LADY COMES OUT! I yell down to Ron what Shai told me. We are completely worried. Ron has lived through those exact words. STUCK, COLD, FREEZING PHONE DYING! Not a good place to BE.

I call the Police, after I call on the Lord for guidance!

The Police station advices me to call the state patrol out of North Platte. I don't know if they are in Nebraska or Colorado. I call Chris's Mom Trish. His sister Brit answers the phone. I tell her the message I get. She calls for her mom. Trish gets on the phone, I ask if she has spoken to Chris or Adrienne lately. NO. So I tell her the message I got. She feels helpless, as do I. I mention that maybe they as a family could get in a prayer circle. By this time I'm crying! Picturing horrible things! As much as she (Adrienne) makes me want to scream, I do love her and wish her ALL the good things in life.

Funny how I had just told Morgan the crazy songs on my IPod were all about DEATH. IS THAT A SIGN? I asked myself! So that didn't help much with my "over reacting"

Trish hasn't heard from the kids, so I call the North Platte State Patrol, ask for help. Maggie answers the phone. I tell her the message I received and asked her to help me. She gave me the number for the Colorado State Patrol. She is sending an officer out to "find" them. I call Colorado. I get a STUPID STUPID Answering machine! Who the heck has an answering machine! Is that where Colorado tax money goes? Could you hold please? UGH!

As I'm holding and listening to "Soothing" music I see a phone call coming in ADRI. I say......Where are you? ARe you Okay? MOM.......WERE FINE! (uh oh, I hear a tone!) This is why Chris didn't want me to say anything. We didn't want you to worry. 'Are you upset with me? You are NOT yelling at me. the phone went dead. UM....she did NOT hang up, bad connection.

I call back. There was that tone. I totally started to bawl. You are NOT mad at me for being scared! The phone went dead again. A few other words were said, but I don't know what all she heard or said!

Here is the STUPID part! According to Adrienne, the tow truck driver told them that if the State Patrolman "rescued them" there would be a fee. What the heck was HE SMOKING! Isn't the state patrolman a public safety MAN! UGH! some people's hillbilly helpers!

Chris calls me. He is listening to what I have to say. Based on the info I received, wouldn't you be worried? He helped me calm down.

Tears streamed down my face for almost 2 hours. 1. She could have been freezing to death. 2. She could be lost and I am helpless "200 miles from home" 3. She was made that I was worried! What is UP with THAT?

My friend Stacy helped me collect myself so I could follow through, but I was a mess! I tried to talk to another friend about the food situation, but my thoughts were on a freezing child!

While on the phone Adrienne called and left a message apologizing! Mom, I love you, I'm sorry I was rude, please forgive me! It took a couple of hours for me to cool off and NOT be upset, scared, worried. By the time they arrived at 6:15 I was good, clean makeup on, and clean clothes. All was well. I hugged them extra long. Chris hugged me first! I don't even remember if Adrienne hugged me.

I can't wait til they have children! HAHA!

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