Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In the REAL world

Ron is out on his own today. He was out yesterday too. It's hard for him. I feel bad. Talking to people is fun for me, and comes easy. I never meet a stranger! so people tell me. It is very painful for him! He is a hard worker, an excellent worker, but when it comes to talking he HATES IT! He is so afraid he is going to sound stupid. Don't we all sound stupid? come on! Get some nerve buddy!! You can do it! Or find a baby sitter so I can help! LOL

I was in the shower and I usually get "revelation" and so I got out and dressed and Called him.....RON, I love you! You can do this! "are you smoking something?" NO! I was in the shower and you know how I get impressions. I just had to call and say I love you! You can do this You're a big boy now! sing it with me I'M A BIG BOY NOW! He laughed! See you later!

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