Saturday, September 5, 2009

A few thoughts/vents even

I get a phone call from my Dad. "What time did you get up today?" , um around 9:00 am. "WE called around 8:30 am to see if you wanted to join us for breakfast". Mom told me you weren't coming this weekend, you might make it next weekend. "I decided to just go. We had an appointment to look at a house in Franklin, but apparently they sold it yesterday". (he asks Bev if she told me they were coming next weekend..."I told her I would call when we got in Nebraska") UM NO! that is not what was said, but WHATEVER! They are visiting Dana's baby. She is my 17 year old niece, Lyle's daughter. Bev's great grand baby.

I call Ron, what are you doing? having a garage sale at Grandma's house. That's nice! He was busy with customers so I let him go. Good for him. He has never experienced a garage sale. I threatened to bring the 3 year old and cause havoc, just like he used to when I would do a garage sale. (yard sale)

I call Ron later to let him know a good customer of his needs him to work on his holiday. He agrees to work it. Then I ask if he got out the dishwasher, or the exercise machine....NO, I"M STILL TRYING TO DIG STUFF OUT OF THE GARAGE. hahah!!! its almost noon! Silly man! I got there around 1:30 maybe sooner and there were about 10 boxes of stuff that needed unloaded and who knows how many bags. Even when we shut down, 5:00 pm, I found about 4 boxes that still needed to be gone through. Wow........Who knew we had so much stuff!!?? ME!!! Its amazing how many clothes you can store in someones 2 car garage!

Got home and vegged on the bed, playing some video games on the computer. Bejeweled TWIST! LOVE IT! Thank you Karrea for buying it for me! Was grateful for a great ending of the day, because I was really out of sorts with the first phone call. I am always the LAST to know when my dad is in town. They hardly ever PLAN a day with me and my family. Its always her sons! That makes me really really sad! Yet, is it GOD'S PLAN? All I have ever wanted was to be loved and accepted and respected by them. Even at 41 I don't see it! I usually only get to see them if they have planned on coming down to be with one of her kids. Never has it been about US, the MATSON'S. (unless you consider Adrienne's graduation)

God is good to me. That is all that matters. He has NEVER let me down! Thank you God for everything!

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