Monday, August 31, 2009

Manic Monday

Today I woke up ready for the new day. My alarm went off at 6:11 am, I got dressed, brushed my teeth and welcomed a new baby. Baby Emma. She was sleeping and smiling so I placed her in her own little room. Waited for Shai to get ready for Seminary and headed off. Picked up A CUTIE.....Sean Michael and off we went. While the kids are having class, Stacy and I walk and talk. Jonny is right, our mouths are faster than our walking! LOVE IT!

Got home and Ron was holding Emma.......DON'T GET ANY IDEAS BUBBA! ;P
Got a shower, the two boys got here, got Karrea breakfast and a movie and I was set for the day. Been playing on the computer in between cleaning house.

Things are going good and then I read something on facebook, an old friend I met on an email group........she found her daughter passed away saturday morning. Talk about devestating!!! 19 years old. Makes you wonder why Heaven Father needs her more!?

So now I'm sad. Now I don't feel like doing anything but hugging! and nobody (my kids except karrea) are here! Kiss your kids, hug your kids, love your kids Pray for your kids. What a sad time for Charlene! Prayers and hugs girlfriend!!!!


GRAMEE said...

make you specially want to hug your big girl who is gone..i heard {read} from mary early on sat. i didn't know you hadn't found out. sorry..we all seem to stick together even if its been a few years since we have been on a group together..

shayster said...

LJ, did you hear what the matter what all about? Not that is matters.....but goodness! My heart is still really heavy!