Sunday, August 16, 2009

Star Struck

What a fun opportunity. Shai is my music "freak". She talked me into going to the Demi concert. I hesitated until she told me David Archuleta was opening for her. I WAS SOLD. Saved my pennies for the trip. Tickets=57.00 (on the floor), Gas=100.00, Double Suite=130.00 (for 6 people), Personal Pose at the Winter Quarters temple for me and Stacy=Priceless.

Funny story.

I rounded the corner of the WQ temple and saw cars along the street. I looked at the doors to see if anyone was coming out, maybe I could snag their parking place. 4 people were walking.

Oh My HECK! That is David Archuleta? No it isn't. YES IT IS!!! I drove by really slow. Now, I drive a big ole Yukon, Dark windows, and "pimp" wheels! haha (no one throw tomatoes at me for that description, lol) I am sure I looked like a stalker. I looked, YES IT IS! YES IT IS!....Where is your camera? I scrambled for it, as I'm driving back around. I rolled down the window.
David! David! (he was kind of hiding himself. I could tell he was like, I'm not even safe at the temple, for feets sake!)
We are going to your concert tonight! (he perked up and smiled, so did his "company")
I realize this is the temple, but can I get a picture of you!?
Um Sure!
Thank hands were shaking so bad. I turned the camera on and fumbled for the snap shot, while shooting my mouth.
I know its the Demi Lovato concert but we are going to see you! That made him laugh! I got a cute picture of his the Temple. I didn't want to take up his time and we were running late.
I feel bad I had a hard time concentrating...I found the strength, I forced myself to be OUT OF THE WORLD.

I still smile!
I had a blast at the concert.
Jordan Pruit sang 3 or 4 songs, and David sang.......not enough songs! Demi was good. But I loved loved loved the spirit of David. Look how famous he is and still finds time for the most sacred thing we can do in this life! I'm so happy for him. I am glad I had that opportunity to see gave me strength in all of my struggles.

Here is a big hug David! From one worthy saint to another! (struggling, not perfect, but continues to try and be worthy)

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