Friday, August 14, 2009

Day in the life of Shay.....Wednesday

Wednesday was a normal day in the carpet cleaning business.

I'm up and at em after Ron takes a shower. If I don't wait...then when I fix my hair I get the frizzy side of the hairbrush, because of all the steam off the shower.

I get my uniform on. Its khaki pants (my new ones are in the guys section, in the dickie section. I love them, they have the painters pockets! YAY). I get my red shirt with MY Name on it! SHUTTER TO THINK, I have to tuck that shirt in, but I do. I put my belt on, my socks and my asics. (white and pink, mind you! LOL!!!)

I grab the phones, and then the schedule book. I remind Ron to get supplies.

We make a breakfast sandwich (usually PBJ or ham and cheese roll up), grab some dannon smoothies, some chips, some water, some coke and Zero, and we kiss the kids goodbye, the ones that lets us. Give hugs, like 20 times. Usually have Karrea run out the door, please mommy, stay home today! (whaaaaaaa)

I take phone calls all day. If I find that they are telemarketers I save them to my phone and mark them PEST! so when they call again I know not to waste my minutes!

We arrive at the HUGE HOME! WHITE CARPET! Overwhelming feelings usually come over me. WHERE DO I START. I usually bring in the "edger" and Ron usually brings in the Hoover. but sometimes I get them both.

I introduce myself and Ron. We get shown around the house. I started edging, then after Ron vacuums one room, I usually tell him to go ahead and bring the equipment in and start on that room and I'll vacuum the rest of the house. TOP TO BOTTOM. yes, my edger doesn't know how to stay on the ground. it finds its way in the corners and on the blinds and vents, and edges, and ceilings...retiring Charlottes web!

It usually takes me an hour and a half to vacuum a huge house. 5 rooms, halls, and 14 stairs. (we usually get 199.95 for a house like that).

Whiile Ron is scrubbing the stairs by hand after he buffs, I usually grab the buffer and continue with the cleaning. Wednesday Ron had some red dye remover, so I ended up cleaning the dining room and living room. Doesn't bother me, I had my Zen in my ear and jamming and singing.

I usually bring the chemicals to Ron. I usually take all the stuff to the van. I am the ultimate gopher girl. He usually doesn't have to ask me to do anything. I am usually intune to what is needed for each house. I am truly blessed to have that gift that I KNOW only God can give. I thank him Everyday for that gift.

This particular home was a mess (meaning lots of traffic stains).....she had buried her husband a month earlier. Plants were a sign of the love that was in that home. Plants were everywhere. He must have had a lot of friends. Pancreatic cancer. I offered my sympathies to his son. Mom was off resting somewhere.......hawaii maybe?

Really puts life into see pictures on the walls of hugging and a sign LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK! I felt very teary that day. I worked especially hard to take the burden off of her. I wanted everything to look and smell perfect for when she came back home. She didn't waste time getting rid of his stuff, it was too painful to look at it. I'm afraid I would be that way too.

Maybe have a shirt or two that smelled like HIM.

We finished the house in 4 hours. It was my pleasure. I tell my customers when they see the edger off the ground...I'm sorry I'm OCD about helping people. I haven't had any one complain YET! The little older ladies just love that I can see them and I'm willing to serve.

I haven't broke anything YET. I can see it happening! LOL

We went to the bank to deposit all the checks Ron recieved for the week. it was just about Sonic happy hour, so we headed over there and I got a diet strawberrry limeaide.

Life got crazy when I got home. Daycare, the house was a mess. I needed to clean up the dishes, the house, changed my clothes, did some emailing. I have phone calls all the time. I have a 3 year old that demands a lot and a 18 year old that hates me now because I don't want her to live at her boyfriends house! I have a son that is sad because I won't take him to steak buffet because I just ate 2 pieces of cantaloupe, 3 pieces of watermelon and 1 lb of cherries. Wait until that kicks in.

So I head off to the Church to pick up the faithful Family History Patron. Willard.

We get to church, I open the doors, turn on the computers and we start to find that the computer is slower than the 70 something patron that is with me! LOL!!!

I get a couple visitors in the room, a scout comes in yelling and screaming, I was told we could come and annoy you! what?

8:30 rolls around and we head to walmart to drop off Youth conference camera's and a young lady who needs a ride because mom works at wally.

I take Willard home and I head back up to wally to pick up my 14 year old who is checking out the Miley Cyrus clothes line! for stick people!

I get nagged to half death to go to tcby. So I go. They are out of chocolate peanut butter. UGH So I ask for strawberry. Adrienne gets her orange sorbet, (she doesn't speak to me all night except to tell me what flavor she wanted), and then Shai gets handed a strawberry, and then the lady says, I'm sorry, i only have half a strawberry, I it with vanilla.

We sit and eat...oh Adrienne did ask me if I wanted her waffle cone....what was left... NO THANK YOU.

I get a phone call. A sad little man wondering where I'm at...longing to be in the Yukon with us at TCBY. So I hear his sad voice and then hang get 2 more phone calls that I ignore, because I can't handle the guilt

its 10:00 by now. I'm tired, its been a long day, its only going to longer on thursday.

I get home, get prayer said, Karrea screams because she doesn't like night night time. She wants to party all night.

She is in sissy's room helping Shai POUND on her computer chair. Driving Adrienne crazy because she is laying in bed with her clothes on talking to her BOYFRIEND.

Karrea jumps on Adriennes bed and sees a baby picture of herself, and comments. I go over to the cork board and I see the words poophead, so I glance to see who is talking like that......OH......Okay.......then Adrienne is snotty to me........QUIT READING MY STUFF. I threaten that if you talk to me rude like that again I'm smashing your phone (mind you I have warned her twice already) She tells her suiter that I am BI POLAR and I warned her again to stop being Rude.

I finally say prayer with karrea, hugs and kisses, night light, radio, dora night light, shut the door, clean off her bed first because she has every book, blanket, shoe, doll, toy, scrap paper, sippy cup, and pillow on that bed. UGH

I shut the light out, and close the door....only to hear....MOMMY!!!! My water isn't cold in the sippy cup! So I march in there trying to be patient.

Shai is finally done pounding her computer chair. It really should go in the trash!

I tell Justice for the 12th time to get to brush his teeth and get to bed, him and shai have the giggles, they seem to like to annoy adrienne while she is googoo on the phone..."oh, you're so cute, he hee!" (rolling eyes) I wished she was that nice to us!

I find myself to my room. Take my makeup off, love the new mary kay wash clothes!!

brush the teeth, say prayer, read my scriptures, whine to Ron about how rude Adrienne is to me, he tries to ask her what her problem is, I over hear her.

"she acts like a five year old. she shouldn't let what i say get to her. she needs to get over herself. she shouldn't be reading my personal stuff.......(hello its posted on your wall, if you don't want people to see it, put it away! DUH) She chooses to react, she chooses to be offended and mad.

So now its MY FAULT? hmmmmmm

I tell Ron, either she moves out, Or I DO! I will take karrea and move! I am so beyond done!

I have enough to worry about! don't you think?

I finally fall asleep at 12:00 or later....and it starts all over again the next day!

Where can I turn for Peace? Who will help me bear my burdens?

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