Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday is a special day.......its the day?????

We get ready for Sunday?

Nice try! That is what it really should be... that is the fantasy version of my saturday.

This past saturday was agony and frustration.

I got up around 8 because Ron was showered and heading out the goodbye, see ya, nuttin! (now sunday he can sleep all day, like a kid on cartoon day!)

Karrea came in......I said, where is Adrienne? She said, I don't know....she left and forgot to give me a hug. Yep. She left for Colorado without a hug or goodbye. It must have been hard for her thinking she would have to kiss her baby sister goodbye. I'm okay with it. She was brave in going. It's a long drive. I'm proud of her.

I got myself ready for the day. Justice and Karrea went to bible study. Why are other churches FUNNER? Shai and I went for Chinese after we waited for Ron to get back from the dump, he decided to eat hot dogs with his mom. grrrr

Then I got a frantic phone call....come and help me with this garage sale stuff! UGH! Ron wanted to organize it. It was already organized. I knew everything in that garage. He didn't and it was driving him nuts. Word to the wise, you don't let a pack rat go through stuff you got rid of. This stuff was supposed to be at Goodwill, not piling up in grannies garage! UGH! I was so upset!

So saturday was shot, which killed sunday? NOPE....the teachers were wonderful and filled my bucket. I'm so grateful for teachers that study and pray for the spirit to guide and direct them. What a wonderful Sunday!

I got called into the Stake pres. office. I got released from Stake Primary. Pres Page said he would let the bishop know I was available, I just cried. Kearney doesn't need me! I headed to the youth fireside. I heard some kids bearing their testimonies about martins cove, I needed uplifted. It was great! Needed to hear what the Stake president said....Even though it may be hard, YOU may have to choose to leave your good friend behind so you can both grow........HE said it better than that, but I felt like he was talking to me.

It was a Good night..... mixed emotional weekend that was for sure!

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