Friday, August 21, 2009

I still melt down at 4:00

I have been home 4 out of 5 days this week doing daycare. I have Dustin, who is 1, and his baby brother Wyatt, who is 4 months. Karrea is almost 4, and Josie is 4. Kaleb has been coming after school around 3:15, and Shai and Justice get off the bus at 4:00. Adrienne hasn't been home around that time, she is either getting her passport stuff ready, or working her last 2 nights. Ron has been working. I have fixed supper most of the nights.

Why oh Why do I fall apart around 4:00?

It is really starting to bother me. I have done this for years. Is it the hustle and bustle of getting the kids to do "their things" after school? Don't they know that if they just do the routine mamma is happy? OR is she? I'm so frustrated at myself. I wished I could just take a pill at 4:00 pm

I don't get up in the morning with my kids either. Since Kindergarten they have been getting theirselves ready for school. They want to start the day out great, not with mamma bear growling at them "do this, do that, get going, your hair needs done, that is not what you should have for breakfast!"

Maybe I should take a nap around 4:00 so I don't have to deal with them laying around and not doing "their things". hmmmmmm that is a thought!


Rhonda said...

Hi YOu, hang in there. Not that you want me to put my 2 cents in but, there is one thing I am learning with Brandon that might help with your kids and your sanity. There will come a day when these kids will need to be out on their own and mom will not be there to nag over their shoulder. Sometimes it is best to step back and let them know that they have to do it. We all work on different schedules. I like to come home and get things done right away but, brandon needs some wind down time after school and not more rules and directions. Maybe they just need a break from things. I give Brandon 1hr and then he needs to get homework and chores done. He seems to be much more tolerable after he has some free time.

shayster said...

good point. The "snack, chores, supper, homework" routine worked for the girls, but Justice is driving me nuts! LOL thank you for this!!!