Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You know.....I'm tired of bullies. I have been bullied all my life. I don't understand a bully, and I don't think I ever will.

I think there is a difference between sticking up for someones rights and just down right being mean to someone. Being mean just to be mean or antagonize is just NOT RIGHT and its a bully.

I think Bullies are selfish, and I wished God gave us the right to throw them to the curb, but nope! We have to put up with them. Why? Because people are afraid they are going to offend the bully! yet its okay for the bully to offend every day.

Every morning I see this bully I just want to scream........BE NICE......JESUS IS WATCHING YOU!

Yet my mouth stays closed because I'm afraid of the bullies mom! How funny is that? NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

Does she think she is funny? Cuz she is not! Does she not realize that the road paved with selfishness (its my seat, i called shot gun, its my last piece of cake, etc etc) is a long hard road in the life afterwards? I don't think bullies do. Its all about them and the moment. Who cares who's feelings get hurt.

Just when you think you kill one bully with kindness (or they move) out comes another.

God..........Give me strength!!!

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Loretta Valenta said...

Dr. Phil says that we teach people how to treat us..... Don't be bullied by a kid or the kid's mother! Be nice but be firm, letting them know that you will not allow them to treat you the way they are! Be strong, Shay! You can do it! Being strong doesn't mean being mean. :)