Wednesday, August 26, 2009

random thoughts

I have had a few moments of reflection lately. I have two babies in the morning..wyatt and dustin. That leaves extra computer time for me. I have two older ones come in the afternoon after the babies leave. Which entertains Karrea.
Sunday our lesson was on Trials and Adversity with Pres. Eyring. One of the points that was made over and over again in the lesson was...PRAY for the things that you need. SERVE...and your problems don't seem so big. Through prayer I have been guided to contact a friend or two, whether in an email, or on the phone. Its embarrassing to show your weaknesses and struggles, but its been a great help to me to receive the extra faith and prayers of friends and family. Wisdom comes to all of us that seek it, I believe.
Ron has been working more on his own lately. I'm not sure he likes it, but he is doing good and he is learning the things God needs him to learn.
I'm grateful for babysitters that help us while I work with Ron. I have a lot of faith in these girls that I leave in my home to take care of My babies! lol. I am grateful for the friendship I had/have with the Stake Primary Pres. I will miss traveling with them. I am not sure where I will be serving next, but I hope I'm ready. I hope the Lord needs me. I hope I can learn valuable eternal lessons from it.......patiently, and lovingly! I do enjoy my calling in the family history center. The spirit is Old and strong!
It was fun going to the Les Miserable try outs last night. I can't believe the talent that Kearney Nebraska has. Shai was amazing. I hope the Lord sees fit for her to be in this play. She really wants to qualify to be a thespian this year. We walked in and the kids were very nice to her. Talent, is all I can say. Its a little quieter around here with Adrienne gone. She is on her way to Utah for a wedding. NOT HERS! a friend of the Pinchaks. She is enjoying life and learning lots of new things. I'm very proud of her and I know and expect her to live up to her potential!
Life is good today. God is Always good!

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