Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where is time going?

I have received so many wedding invites this summer.

I love watching people fall in love, even my own daughter. I just pray that God is guiding her and blessing her.

I have reflected on the friends that have sent me the invites. Young women, who I have seen little scrawny 12 year olds at girls camp, now they are beautiful Princesses glowing with pure love and delight. It just blows my mind! My heart is so full for them.

It is good to see these girls marrying at a young age too. There for awhile a lot of the YOUTH were choosing to 1. Marry later, like 25 or later, 2. Not at all.

It was sad to see. Because we really can't reach Exaltation without the trials and tribulations that a marriage and children bring into our "selfish" lives. These are the things in life that take us out of our selfishness. I'm not sure why they chose to wait, but hopefully its not because they are waiting for MR PERFECT.... that is NEVER going to happen. Perfection comes from learning and growing with God and with someone else.

I want to send out CONGRATS to all my youthful, lovely friends who are getting married this summer or past year.

1. Jessica McMurtrey
2. Kimberlea Edwards
3. AJ Sovine (Elder Sovine, LOL)
4. Cherean Kendell
5. Lauren Johnson
6. Chalyse Johnson
7. Danielle Sargent

Better yet, I love the babies that are coming. I have had the pleasure of having a few of the young women I served when I was in the YW program bring their babies to me to serve them. What a gift from God. Seeing the love they have for the Lord and their little ones.

God is good, and where does the time go?

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