Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Randomness....for June

Blessed. Got my old friend back on my Visiting Teaching List. YAY! Mourn for others to be on there tho. Feeling good in the Kearney Ward again. I think turning 41 has given me much needed strength. It's like I DON'T CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK....Only What God thinks. I wished I was 40, 20 years ago! haha. I know I have said that a few times this year. I'm sure I'll change my mind once the wrinkles start appearing.

I am grateful for the Business that Ron has. He has grown up a lot. Appreciates his spare time, appreciates all that his family does for him. I wished he would have had this opportunity years ago. MAYBE life would have been happier. I know through our trials tho we have learned different life/eternal skills. really should listen to each other. It's better to be NICE than RIGHT.

I am grateful for the rain. As we drive to Hastings and back I see the farmers watering the fields. I see the Platte River low. God knows what is needed and is giving it freely?

I am grateful for a good nights Sleep. I had been asking for I would lay there. My body was at REST, but my eyes and mind were awake. My prayers changed at night. Dear Father, please bless me with a good nights Sleep. Haha! So far it has worked. Haha! I have slept, and rested. I love it!

Marriage! Another one bites the dust. They have been married over 5 years and they gave it up. I didn't know you could get a divorce online for 155.00. Wow! That is only a days work. What is this world coming too? It truly saddens me to think that he wants to be alone the rest of his life. Some days I feel like I want to be, but give me a day by myself, all I do is eat and watch t.v. That is boring! haha! I don't think I would be good totally on my own. Besides, I am reminded I have a good man. (snickers) Thanks Mom, you always did like him BEST! He is still learning how to use his words! HA

I found out what too nice may mean. Flirty! I have been reminded that some people don't like NICE. Someone I know is going through a court ordeal because His NICENESS was taken as harrassment. Which is totally absurd, but its happening in this world today, even if the lady is in her 90's. Personally, I would have taken a NICE comment as a compliment at 90 not a slap in the face...sexual harrassment. SADNESS.

Does absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Life is good. I have calmed down my NICEness, but still choose to be NICE! just not TOO nice! haha!


Rhonda said...

Oh I hope it is me or my mom. I know we both would love you back. Why can't all VT be like you.

shayster said...

I wished it was too. Who needs an assignment! Do you and me want to be your mom's vt?

Its actually Jenn Allen!