Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What is the purpose of US..MORMONS

Last Tuesday was a crazy busy day. We had 3 appointments for the day. (carpet cleaning)
The first house we got to added a couch for us to clean! YAY! more money! With that it put us a few minutes behind. Our next appointment really wanted us in the afternoon and not the evening so I did some switching around.

We headed for Hastings at 1:00pm. Got to our next appointment and she was amazed at our work. She put her hand on my shoulder and said..."Would you please do the two bedrooms and hall, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were going to be this good. I would hate to have the new renters not have clean fresh carpet. I am sorry I doubted your abilities." I looked at her and I said...I told you we were good, and then I chuckled!

With that we got more money traveling to Hastings instead of the 59.95 (that is what we charge for one room, every room after that is 24.95). Plus she added two chairs. That put us behind in time. I called our third and final appointment. He was a gentleman and was very understanding. He was flirting with me, and I back. I'm too nice!

Ron hit me in the arm and told me I was leading a man on. I knew by his voice he was an older man. Maybe in his 70's. I had asked him if he had a hot date tonight that our tardiness was going to keep him from it. He said, Not unless you'll go out with me. I said, You don't even know what I look like, you better check me out first! HARMLESS???

We got to Wayne's house. Small 1 bedroom apartment. I charged him 59.95 even tho we cleaned the kitchen, living room, enzymed it, and the entry way. (He had rolled over his "bag" with his scooter, he needed us).

While Ron was working Wayne apologized for flirting with me. I rubbed his shoulder and told him it was FINE. That is who I am (he heard Ron commenting while we were talking on the phone, and heard that he hit me in the arm)

He started to cry. He was just so lonely! My heart sank for him. I spent the rest of the time that Ron cleaned talking with Wayne in his room, the only room that was tile, he was watching tv.

I guess through my kindness he felt impressed to ask what religion I was. We had talked about almost everything else, my kids, my dad owning Heaven's Best years ago, etc.

I told him I belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He had heard of us. Remembered seeing the missionaries walk by his house on several occasions. Where he lives there is NO SOLICITING so he hadn't been approached. He did say they were welcome to come and visit anytime.

He thanked us over and over again for coming so late and fitting him in regardless of our schedule and doing such a great job. I told him to call us any time he needed us to clean. (I thought without charge, cuz that is who I am)

Sunday he called, said he ran over his "bag" again. Ron was kind of upset. He didn't know how much he was going to charge, etc. I told him to go over there and go by the spirit of it all. I had just got some cookies out of the oven so I called Wayne up and asked if he was "allowed" cookies, he said NOPE, BUT I'LL EAT THEM ANYWAY! haha I sent 6 reeses and 6 chocolate chip.

Ron came home put the pads in the washer and I asked...What did you charge? NOTHING! I was very proud of him!

Had the missionaries over for lunch, it was Kava's birthday on monday. We talked about the Bible Belt of Kearney. How Kearney is VERY RELIGIOUS and that its not really the church members at fault of the missionaries. This community has a strong faith in no matter what church they belong too. Don't be hard on yourself.

Tuesday I was set up to go on a team up with the missionaries. Maria spaced us off so we sat and talked about what we could do instead. We visited DeAnna but she was resting (she is pregnant again, her first being less than 2) so we scheduled for a different time. We sat again. I felt impressed to stop by Wayne's. We drove by. I parked and we scooted over to his door...I poked my head in his window, he smiled and waved for us to come in.

We talked. About life, about current events, about the missionaries, about some of our spiritual experiences, and the missionaries gave him Mosiah 1-5 as an assignment.

We left. We all felt good.

9:00 this am I get a call from Wayne. I read what they assigned me but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to get out of it.

I called Elder Pinchak and he wasn't sure either, was just hoping it would answer some of his questions.

I called Wayne back after I glanced over my seminary scriptures (I know they are over 25 years old but I wrote some good notes in there, ha ha) I was able to explain to him the King Benjamin was a prophet, and that his main concern with the "wickedness" of the people is that they forgot who they were/are. NOTHING. Dust is where we came from, dust is where we go. Serving God and not the natural man is the only salvation we have.

We talked for a few minutes and he said....The Elders aren't going to try and baptize me are they? I said...ONLY IF YOU WANT THEM TOO, ahh a!!!!

We are here for serving you and for answering questions that you may be searching for!

That was the best I could do.

He was good with that. Then he ended by saying....come and visit me...oh and can you clone yourself. You are a neat neat lady!


Bon said...

that is a great story Shay, going by the spirit and being yourself. If nothing else comes from it, you made an old man not feel so lonely. Good job.

Rhonda said...

Shanon, You are amazing! I was so touched by this post. Thanks for sharing.

Rhonda said...

Shanon, You are amazing! I was so touched by this post. Thanks for sharing.

Menjiness said...

Shay, you are one awesome woman! I adore you!