Saturday, April 18, 2009

I stand all amazed

I have felt anxiety over that past few months.

The opportunity to stay in Kearney and build the Heaven's Best business loomed over Ron and I's head.

My dad bought Heaven's Best of Kearney for under 10,000.00 in 1988. He came to Ron and I and asked if we would go 50/50 with him. He would advertise, and we would do the work. Dad printed flyers but never had them delivered. Ron and I hand delivered 100's of them. 3 rooms for 59.95.

No one had ever heard of the business little lone the concept of low moisture, dry in one hour carpet cleaning. I grew up with mom sweating her butt off (in her astronaut suit) and taking 4 days to dry. That does NOT appeal to me.

In a nut shell, we were starving. We never did send dad any money. We never had any money to send. We lost our car, our electricity, gas, phone, etc. I called dad is desperation and he made a wise decision. He moved to Kearney from North Platte and ran his business. I was delivering Domino's pizza and Ron went to work for Coleman Powermate. Our home teacher was the President of the company and encouraged Ron to do so.

Life went on. I helped dad with the business when mom wasn't available. I was vacuuming, and buffing and cleaning furniture. I royally enjoyed my time with my dad. For the first time ever he treated me like an adult. Course, that is probably because I acted like one! ha ha!

Its a great product. It's LDS based. The people have integrity and I am honored to work for the BEST. Heaven's Best!

I told Ron thursday that we need to be called the "pet smell terminators" We have great products that kill the bacteria that cause the pet odors and the pets will not go there again. We got red ink out of carpet too. I am so impressed that God has given us this opportunity again. Ron hands out comment cards and we receive more than 60 percent of them back. All of them have been positive! I love serving people and seeing a job well done!

Ron bought Hastings area last May: which is Adams, Clay, Nuckolls, and Webster county. We were busy! I loved almost every minute of it.

Around July the Nebraska owner asked Ron if he wanted to buy the Kearney area. The price was way out of Ron's range. He lowered it in November. Still too high. January went half the price. Ron sat and pondered and prayed about it. February, lower. March, Lower. April! The Prayers were answered and Ron now owns Buffalo, Kearney, Dawson, and Phelps County.

That means we will be staying in Kearney. We are centrally located now. It has taken a weight off my shoulders to get this house sold and cleaned out with JUNK the kids and Ron collect (all of my things are treasures! ha ha)

My point is, off and on I doubted Ron's judgment. I questioned if he was "listening" or not! But I stand Corrected and Amazed that he truly is doing what He needs to be doing!

I love you RON! Thank you for your example!!! Thank Elia Gourgouris for your wisdom and humor in teaching me to be a better wife.

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