Wednesday, April 22, 2009

copy cat...random thoughts

I am taking RK's lead and I'm doing some Random thoughts.

I have missed reading my friends blogs. I miss my step dad. I miss my mom. I miss her voice and the possible conversion I would have seen, but have felt as she is being taught in heaven. I love my VT friend JILL, BARB, TIFF, KIM, GLORIA. I miss my old friends RHONDA, DENIECE, CHERYL, CINDY HALL. I don't know why I'm so weepy! Probably because my friends are moving. Bonnie, I'll miss you! Cindy I hope you are impregnating cows in heaven for God. ha ha. Barb is moving soon. Tiff is working to much, along with Gloria. Rhonda lives miles and miles away. Deniece is the best mom EVER! I'm loving Jill and her smirky smile. It makes me laugh inside.
I love Ron. He is a ROCK. Good thing he is cute! He drives me Crazy. He is Crazy! He loves his craziness. Makes like Crazy! FUN! INTERESTING.
I love Adrienne. She is so talented. I will MISS HER TERRIBLY!
I love Shai. She is so talented, organized, grumpy! I hope she flies at college (she got a full ride already and she's only a freshman)
I love Justice. He is a boy! He is a MAN. HE IS A GREAT EXAMPLE! A prophet in the making??
I love Karrea! She is so beautiful and full of life and energy and LOVE!
I love me! Why couldn't have I turned 40....30 years ago!?? Its a magic number and I hear 50 is even better! I can't wait!
I dreamed a dream I was going to Die at 34. (maybe I'm dyslexic and its 43). I really did die. I became a different person. I joined Weight Watchers!
I love my new car! God is good to me! I feel like I'm special to him! I do what I do because he loves me and I him
I love helping Ron with Heaven's best. Owning 8 counties now will ROCK!
I am loved! I'm glad! I love my Internet friends. I have so many, can I name a few.

Some who have changed who Shay is! Tauna. How could I ever repay? Praying for you. Loretta! You are a stud! Gramee. You are so soft! Mandy. You English POP tart you! (mandy just told me that means England, so I'm changing it. Kay, you make me laugh! Gappy, you make me wonder! Salli, you make me strive to be humble like you. Amber. You are a hoot. Steff, there is hope, I'm going to send the missionaries to your house! haha. Jackie, can you sing to me again? Amy, I miss you! Stacy, Carol, Chris, Fairlee, Charlotte. Come out and play more. Karla is a sweetheart. I miss Kim. Menji, Jean, Jayedee, Melinda, Cindy, Carolyn, I need more of you! Haha. Ya, its all about me, right? I know I have missed you! That just means I need more! haha!
My mind is blank now. Does that mean I'm done?


GRAMEE said...

beautiful post..

i love you! i always will be your friend.
we are eternal friends

shayster said...

I'm so glad to know that! Means I should NEVER feel alone!

Bon said...

Your awesome Shay, and I will miss you a lot thank goodness for technology, lol. Your an inspiration to me.

Loretta Valenta said...

Did you just say I'm a stud? Or was that that you're praying for me??? :P

jayedee said...

hey girlie! i love you too!

shayster said...

Loretta, I believe you are in my prayers, you are a stud for doing all that you do! (not that I think you are a male horse, ha ha but maybe a work horse? I don't know, ha ha)

Rhonda said...

So glad to read your post. It is freeing to get everything off your mind and move on. I had fun reading.
I miss you too.


JackieToo said...

Oh, you're so sweet!

But I do have a new mic. LOL

Love ya!