Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Road Trip

Last friday Shai, Adrienne, and I headed on the road to North Platte around 9:45 am. Adrienne and I had a great talk while Shai listened to her MP3 Player. Music "is my passion". We got to Applebee's around 11:10 and waited for Bonnie and her friend (hopefully my new friend) Jeanne.

We had a great talk. We shared stories and tales and the spirit. I learned a lot of things about these two ladies. I'm afraid I talked to much tho. Sorry ladies! I felt very blessed to be part of this Road trip with these two ladies.

We got to Denver and checked into the Residence Inn on Zuni. It is like an apartment. We hung out and talked some more waiting for the other ladies to arrive. Laurie and her SIL showed up and checked into their room while we contacted Tauna and her mom Lois. We all decided to meet at the Black Eyed Pea. I think we all had a wonderful home cooked southern style meal. My dessert was all you could eat rolls! haha

We left the restaurant and headed to the Denver Merchandise Mart and there we enjoyed an evening with Wonderful music from Michael McLean, and the speaker was Chieko Okazaki. Mark Mabry shared his video experience with us. He is responsible for Reflections of Christ.

What a beautiful message that changed not only Marks lives, but mine and some of my family members. Karrea asks to watch this almost 2 or 3 times a day. What a blessing to all of us! I hope you can see it. He did this for free. Don't feel like you can't share it. This was the purpose of the slideshow, to build testimonies.

There was a break in between Chieko so people could meet the presenters. I waited in line to meet Michael McLean with Adrienne and Shai. I couldn't contain myself. I was so speechless when I saw him. I wanted to tell my whole life story to him, but I didn't. We took a picture and got out of line. I over heard a lady talking to Michael about how she loved the song From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours because she had adopted a baby girl. I couldn't help it, I walked over to him and said, I love the song too. I placed a baby boy up for adoption 23 years ago, I tearfully walked away and smiled.

Before the night was over he sang that song! I'm not saying I'm the reason for it, but I do feel like he sang that to me. Ha ha. I have waited almost 14 years to have him sing that Too me. I was so excited. There were a lot of wet eyes before he was done singing. I knew then, I wasn't the only one who experienced that song! I know that song speaks to so many on different levels. What a special night it was for me. You could have sent me home and I would have been a happy camper.

We went back to the room and talked and talked! Tauna headed back home, she had to work the next morning because her bosses dad all of sudden passed away. I missed Tauna and her super funny character. I got her mom though. Wow. When I grow up can I be like her mom? We talked after til after 1:00 am (I think)

Up in the morning for a fabulous breakfast. I ate til my tummy was totally satisfied. YAY!
We got to the Denver Mart and enjoyed a day with Kenneth Cope, Mary Ellen Edmunds, Deanne Flynn, Wendy Ulrich, and S. Michael Wilcox. I have to say my favorite was Deanne. She reminds me of me. I would do something that dorky! I would tell a story like that too. I love to embarrass myself and others. Haha!!

We headed home after the conference and enjoyed all that we learned. A little after Fort Morgan we started to see the roads were wet. The spirit told me several times when to speed up and when to slow down. I hesitated to stop and get something to eat but Adrienne hadn't eaten all day and the mom guilt was starting to get to me. I pulled over to a gas station/Country Pride and the ladies were so nice and let us order and eat. It took over a half an hour to get our food. We were there over an hour. By the time we got out of there the roads were covered in snow and kind of scary. I felt bad, but I knew the Lord would guide us and bless us.

One time we saw a van off in the ditch, it just reminded me to follow the rules (the spirit) or we could end up over there. I felt very calm at driving, even though I should have been very nervous. I was grateful for the wonderful conversation to keep my mind off of the conditions of the road. If I would have had to totally concentrate on them I would have freaked out! Ha ha They really were scary, slickery!

We finally got into North Platte and we dropped off Jeanne. She lives in a house I always wanted to live in. I think that is funny! A tall house with pillars. I have always pictured myself in a house like that in the country. I don't think it'll ever happen, but its fun to think about it.

We got to Bonnie's house and she gave me a tour of her Beautiful house. What a special spirit she has in her home. We settled down and got about 6 hours of sleep. Up and at em. Bonnie fixed breakfast but I was so nervous from the thought of doing Sutherland Conference by myself I couldn't eat. It was really snowy and foggy out, and to top that off, I didn't have the address of the Sutherland Church. We were totally going by the spirit. Thank goodness for morning prayers with Bonnie's children. I totally feel like that started our morning out with a Sweetness.

We got into Sutherland and as I passed the first road the spirit said to me, turn around! I did. Mind you all of Sutherland is a fog. You couldn't see 25 ft in front of you. I got to another road and passed it, the spirit along with Adrienne said, Mom, I feel like its over there. Sure enough, there it was. What a blessing. We were only 10 minutes late. The presidency meeting went well and Church was wonderful. What a pioneer heritage that Branch has! I felt very blessed to be there. (the potluck was SUPER DELISH! too.) Now there is a tie in potluck! Hyannis or Sutherland? Hmmmmm. Let the contests begin! Adrienne and Shai were very pleased too.

We left and got home around 4:00. I crashed when we got home. Justice, Ron and Karrea were at the park enjoying the 50 degree weather. What is up with that? Couldn't even tell it had snowed and we had a scary night just hours before that.

The Lord taught me so many things that weekend. I know what I know. I have a testimony of many things. This I know....The Lord loves me and answers my prayers!


Bon said...

what a great summary of our weekend. I am glad you were safe. I am so glad you stayed with me, I wouldn't have felt right having you pay for a hotel when I have so much room, IT'S THE LORD'S HOUSE RIGHT? LOL Jeanne really liked you, I am glad she came, and glad I got to know you better, I have a friend for life now, Thanks Shannon, the Lord knows what I need when I need it. So glad I could meet your wonderful daughters, what a great weekend, we'll have to do it again, maybe make it a tradition, LOL

DailyFamily said...

I'm so glad you were following the spirit because I don't think I could've driven that well in the weather. I felt very safe the whole time though so it must have been the spirit all around. :)

shayster said...

Gosh girls! I'm blushing! I know the Lord knew we were in the right place, doing the right thing, and blessing us at the right moments. I felt guilty stopping and eating, but I also felt guilty that Adrienne hadn't eaten. The guilt factor, gotta love it! NOT!

We are BLESSED!!!