Monday, March 9, 2009

What do I know!

"As our love for the Lord deepens, our minds and hearts become purified. We experience a “mighty change in . . . our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually." --Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin,
"The Great Commandment", 2007 General Conference

Psalm 36:7
God's Daily Care, Hymn #306

Time Out For Women was Fabulous! The drive was fabulous, and safe, considering I drove! The Conversation was FABULOUS. Getting to know my children and Bonnie and Jeanne was Fabulous! Meeting up with Tauna and meeting her mommy was FABULOUS!

The Theme for TOFW was Sweet Assurance. They asked us to ponder this question in our hearts and in our mind and focus on that.

What do you KNOW!

What do you want to know? Hopefully the spirit will whisper to you the answers.

I was getting all the cookie cutter answers out of my head. I wanted to dig deep into my soul and find something that I know 100% ( I was going to say 99%, but reflecting on that...the truth is 100%) of the time of my life, no matter if there was SIN or WEAKNESS in my life.


Karrea is in a phase where I will say...You need to get your nighty gown on. I KNOW MOM! Five minutes later I am reminding her that she still doesn't have her NIGHTY GOWN ON! You really need to put your clothes in the hamper and not on the floor. I KNOW MOMMY! I say, then if you know then you need to do it! That is called integrity. I KNOW MOMMY! We go round and round.

I feel that same way with Heavenly Father. I know Heavenly Father, BUT!!!

Here are the I KNOWS BUT....

I know I am a daughter of God (but I don't feel that way some times due to what others may say to me, or what I may say to myself)

I know that my husband loves me. (but it doesn't feel like when I have to run around with a chicken and he has his feet on the floor sitting on the couch)

I know my children love me. (but when they talk snotty to me, or disregard my feelings on things I don't feel like they love me or deeper, I don't feel like they respect the relationship I have with them or my Father in Heaven that I feel leads and guides me all the time)

I know I have friends in the world. (but it only takes one move to ruin it. A miscommunication, a lie or an exaggeration, so that is scary)

I know I'm in the callings that I have now for a reason. I have always felt that way. (but there have been some callings where I have accepted and said, this will be interesting to work with her, ha ha, or I have turned down a calling only to be called into the Stake a couple weeks later and I say..OH that is why I didn't accept the AD day leader! or Nursery leader. I doubted myself, thinking I was going apostate, ha ha)

I know I visit teach the ladies I'm supposed to. (but I wonder if I am helping them, and wondering if I could have those other ladies TOO. I miss them)

I know the Lord has me in Kearney for a reason. (but my spirit feels really good in the Hastings ward and among the Hastings people that Ron and I work for)

I know the Lord lives. This I do know and there are No BUTS about that one. I have felt his presence. I have known of his love for me. I know that He Answers all of my prayers no matter what I may be doing at that time. From a simple question....where is my slip? to Should I be the manager of Fillmore's?

I have had my prayers answered in the bottomless sin pit. I have had my prayers answered in the temple a few weeks ago.

I will share that experience.

I went to the Winter Quarters temple with my friend Rhonda. I went there for peace and comfort and total relaxation with my dear dear friend. Whom I love no matter what! (She's quirky, and so am I ----sticking my tongue out!) Crazy and Rhonda's husband came too but they didn't go in the temple they went to harbor freight.

I was sitting in the Celestial Room and I grabbed the Triple combination. I said to Heavenly Father....What do you want to tell me today.

D&C 88:67-68

I have pondered that off and on.

I went to the temple on the 21st of February, 2 weeks after my birthday. It was the ward temple day. The youth had gone there too. Adrienne was in Idaho having fun and Shai was down stairs in the baptismal, CRAZY, Karrea and Justice and Raymond were at the visitor's center checking out the movies, etc.

I sat in the Celestial Room again and I got the triple and held it by the binding and let it open again. Same Place....D&C 88: 67-68, I read 69 this time too.

I began to cry.

Thursday I was supposed to have the spiritual thought for the Stake Primary Presidency meeting. Wednesday I pondered and prayed to see what He would have me present. I got my scriptures off my bed stand and I held the binder.

Where did it fall? YES!!! D&C 88:67-68. I read the footnotes.

I know God wants a powerful people and this is how you do it!

I know God Loves me and wants the best for me!


Bon said...

Your so awesome Shannon. I love what you know, you say it so much better then I do, I can feel your spirit. Keep it up the Lord is so pleased with you. Love ya Shannon

shayster said...

I loved the way you worded it. I just add dorkiness to mine. Yours was so sophisticated and well put

Pamela said...

I love your life lessons people could learn alot reading them, I love all those that love the lord God Bless

shayster said...

Thanks Pam! I'll have to check your blog out. Handsome young men you have there.