Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Newsletters, love them or hate them?

January, Can you believe it's almost over? I can't believe it. That means 41 is around the corner for me. Ha Ha.

I see the reflection of 2008 in the rearview mirror and it looks kind of crazy. It was crazy busy, crazy weather, crazy life lessons learned, crazy fun, and crazy learning. I don't know how else to describe it.

I didn't really do an email newsletter last year. I got to feeling that it may have come acrossed as boastful, or annoying so I quit. I got a few people who were upset that I didn't keep them posted on what was going on in the Matson home.

I personally like to write. I don't think I'm a good writer, but I do like to keep people posted. I love the communication. I like that people get to know us and that we are real and we are here to learn and grow and become better.

Last year things were really rocky and that is another reason I didn't write very often. I didn't want to be a downer to those that were having good times. It truly was a struggle just to get out of bed some days. Some days turned into weeks. I could feel depression loom in the near distance. It was quite scary. I got to thinking, how scary it is for people who don't have the faith of a Savior pulling them out, like I do. I am here to testify that He did pull me out. I could feel satan rage so many times and so strong. Satan tested my friendships, my motherhood, my roles as a mother, and a daycare provider, and more. I found myself on my knees a little longer. I received a fullness of God's love and Grace.

It is true, we come closer to God in the storm. I know that literally too. I am grateful I know about Jesus and God's plan. I am grateful that I had friends who answered my prayers. Just by being themselves. I am grateful for phone calls. I am grateful for the money people sent us after Ron lost his job. How amazing was that? All over the U.S.A. friends were so good to us. I paid them back, but they didn't expect it. That is just who I am.

I try to pay Heavenly Father back by giving and serving. I have so much to be grateful for.

January Ron and I thought about the things that needed done on the home to update it and make it better.

February I turned 40. It was sad. My family did NOTHING for me. I got a card from a friend and that was a great feeling. I got a phone call late at night. I just cried. I was allowed to have a do-over. That was a fun night. I chose a night that we could celebrate and I liked it.

March Ron lost his job. 19 years at Coleman. He had to cash in his 401K. There goes retirement. Who says it would have been there after the bailouts anyway? I think it was a blessing.

April was rough for Adrienne and I. WE learned that we have boundaries and if they are crossed its not a pretty sight. Let's just say, it got pretty heated in our home for a night. She spent the night at a friends house to keep safe.

May Adrienne graduated from High School. That was a chore. Luckily I had picked up some cute valentine's day decorations and candies for her party, there was no money due to no job for Ron. I am grateful for the guidance I had to get that stuff. She did a cute job decorating. She had a lot of friends come over. She had a lot of family support too. It was nice.

At the end of May Ron purchased Heaven's Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning of Hastings. He bought Clay, Adams, Nuckels, and Webster County (not sure I spelt N county right, haha) He has never owned his own business before. I am his helper. As long as he feeds me I'll work for free. ha ha

June was the tornado and hail storm.
June 5 we were standing at the front door checking out the weather. A friend had called and said a storm was heading right to our house. Ron had to explore outside. I stayed in. He darted in the house when the hail got quarter size. I screamed and grabbed the baby as soon as the baseball size hail came flying in the house through the kitchen window.

It was scary. All you could hear was smashing glass, the car alarms blaring, and pounding on the walls and roof. It seemed like forever. I cried. I pictured a tornado heading to our house and it was going to take us up or smash us in. It was one of the scariest feelings I have ever lived with. I have never seen such devestation, except for on t.v. It looked like someone had taken a machine gun to everyone's house and a bat to everyone's vehicle.

That means we got a new roof, new skirting, 5 new double pane, Low Energy windows, new paint job on the outside, the kitchen got painted, the sky light in the bathroom was replaced. The bathroom got remodeled. The T.V. room got new carpet and blinds. The dining room got new carpet and blinds, the kitchen and entry way from the door got new flooring that looks like wood.

Ron did most of the repairs. July was a busy month for Carpet Cleaning. On the days he and I weren't busy doing carpets we were busy remodeling the house. Adrienne was great at watching the kids this summer. I believe she learned a lot.

August we continued to remodel. We got the carpet laid, and the kitchen done and the outside mostly done. We ordered shingles for the roof but it was on back order. It was hard to get a lot of supplies. I lost my best friend because of a lie. God made it right! I am grateful for that. He blessed me with another friend. I was really sad for a long time though. We had been friends, best friends for 13 years. The Lord warned me Oct of 2007 that our friendship would end, and warned me how it would happen. I wasn't looking for it, but hind sight is 20/20. It's exactly how it ended. Still hard to take though.

September Shai turned 14, was in the school play and so it was fun helping out at the school and the play. That cast of Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat were AMAZING!! who knew that Kearney had that much talent? I'm still overwhelmed at the talent. I was so grateful that Shai got to be a part of it. She beamed every night on stage! This is her dream.

October Adrienne turned 18. Got an attitude of being invincible and you would have thought she turned 21, ha ha. Good thing we love her and she's a good kid, and she's cute! (kind of how we looked at her when she was two and sassy pants)

Ron repaired the roof finally. A few of the guys from Church came to help. That was a blessing. He was killing himself every day and night up there working 15 hours or more a day. He was up there until 10:30 pm. He could barely walk at the end of the night. I wished there were more that could help him, but God blessed us with those who could even put an hour or so in.

November brought Karrea turning 3. She is quite the princess. It's amazing some of the funny things she says. She will repeat a movie. The way she giggles, its contagious. She loves church. She loves to learn. Her favorite things are movies and friends and cuddles. We had Thanksgiving at my house. My side of the family. Nancy actually invited us to Thanksgiving at her house but plans were already in the making for my family.

December found us sad. Shaun Henry, Ron's baby sister's husband was killed in his pickup coming from a service call. He worked at a Tire repair shop. He was only 38, and left 4 children behind. Kim is beside herself. She is only 33. I still find myself crying for her. My kids miss him. He was the FUN uncle. He was always trying to kiss on them. It was funny! It was hard seeing him lay in the coffin with his hands all rough from "service". What are your hands looking like? That is what kept going through my mind. Just the thought makes tears bubble up inside and out.

He actually died on Justice's birthday. J.D. had a really hard time. He wasn't doing at school the next day and so we prayed. The spirit spoke to him. He was comforted. He felt like Shaun was watching over him. It was a great experience for Justice to have. The "veil" is thin at times.

Christmas was humble. We had fun finding sales after the Christmas day. We don't do gifts, we give money. We had fun shopping and spending time together. We felt very blessed by all those who gave and remembered us. It was fun reading Christmas cards and seeing pictures. I don't understand why people get mad at Newsletters, I love them. One of the ladies at Weight Watchers mentioned that she hated them, they seemed like BRAG letters. I think that is sad. I think we should celebrate everyone's accomplishments. I think we should love to hear how other people learn and grow on this journey. I know my letters are not intended to be that way.

I know its late but....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Happy New President! ??

You are loved! You are prayed for! You are thought of! You are needed! Keep the faith. Keep your chin up! Keep in Touch.

We love you
Ron, Shanon, Adrienne, Shai, Justice, and Karrea


Annah said...

Love the update Shay -- a year in review is a fun thing!

gramee said...

if i wasn't already "up to date" on your life i would be dumb founded.. wondering how you fit all that into a year!! love you!