Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love to Clean

I was cleaning out my yahoo sent mail and I came across the Goodly parent article I had sent to one of the yahoogroups I used to be on. I think the Lord needed me to review it again. A gentle reminder that I do strive to be a goodly parent. It is hard. I'm not always successful and 3 out of the 4 children will tell you I'm doing great! ha ha!

I have been cleaning out books too. I am reading a book right now that is called "Extremes", How to Keep your Virtues from Becoming Vises. by Robert Eaton.

As I was soaking in the tub (big garden tub with a home spa swirling, awww) I was reading this book. I have to read it slowly, its pretty deep for this shallow, home town girl. I reflected on what Sheri Dew has said in her God Needs a Powerful People. As you read, she has wonderful fun stories and analogies, I love her books, but the bottom line that I got from that book was....LIVE YOUR LIFE so that the HOLY SPIRIT CAN GUIDE YOU!

Absolutely! I have no arguments with that.

I'm cleaning out the bookcase yesterday (Monday is clean and organize day for me, Yes I still try to keep up on the CREATION PLAN, a guiltfree way of house keeping) and I couldn't find my January Ensign. I asked outloud...only one in range was Karrea, she just looked at me strange. The spirit said to me, Look in Adriennes room. OH MY, needle in a haystack. I love her, but clean and organize, YA RIGHT! (I only hear excuses, I understand, but find a method that works girl. ha ha)

I found the Ensign. Buried under some other papers on her 3 tier night stand. I love the messages I get for the Visiting Teaching. I want to share the one that stood out to me, that goes along this line of Life with the Spirit. I told you I'm a list maker, I love the minute it takes me to write a list, and I love the satisfaction I get by crossing it off! YAY!

Here is a list for Us Ladies.

I'll start with the quote first from Julie B Beck, RS GP:

"Latter-day Saint women must be strong and immovable in their faith. They can and should excel in living and sharing their testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. We do this as we:

1. Make and keep covenants with Him.

2. Are worthy and worship in His temples

3. Study His doctrine in the scriptures and the words of the prophets.

4. Qualify for, recognize, and follow the Holy Ghost.

5. Share and defend His gospel.

6. Participate in sincere personal and family prayer.

7. Have family home evening.

8. Live principles of self-reliance and provident living.

"These are essential things which must be done before nonessential things. These simple, indispensable practices hat almost seem mundane.

...No one can do these things for us-these are personal practices and habits that set us apart as strong and immovable for that which is correct" (What Latter-day Saint Women do Best:Stand Strong and Immovable." Liahona and Ensign, Nov 2007, 109-10).

I think there was some problems when she spoke on this, a lot of ladies lashed out at her. I for one was grateful. 'She gave me a list!' ha ha!

I just hope that as we strive to live to be goodly parents (grand parents)that we can do the things that have been taught here in these articles.

Why do I love to clean? I get things looking nice, I find things I have been missing, and I even love to clean out the cobwebs in my soul!

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Bon said...

OH Shannon, i am so glad I am not the only one, my husband laughs at me for making a list, I said it gives me satisfaction, and also shows what I did with my day, and also motivates me as I want them all crossed off, and helps me remember what I want done, and and and, LOL. I went VT yestarday and those were the ones that stood out for me, especially the part that nobody can do it for you. Thanks for sharing that with me. Your great.