Friday, January 9, 2009

Monday was family home evening. I had had enough of the bickering, the fighting, the hollaring, the not listening and I attributed it to our diet. I asked Shai if she would give FHE on nutrition. She found some great tips.

We started FHE with For the Beauty of the Earth Song. I didn't realize the beauty of that song.I asked who was ready to start eating better and getting healthy. All of us were on board but Adrienne. She was smug and smarty pants and decided she wanted to stay fat and get fatter. I wasn't impressed. I think next time we will have FHE without her. Yet it seems there is always someone who is being a jerk. (I once heard a statement "Family Home Argument!)

We weighed ourselves. Ron was 245, I was 190, Adrienne was __, Shai was_ , Justice was__ . We all were ready!

Tuesday morning I made out menu's that were healthier. This weekend will be the test.

Shai got a notebook for her and Justice to write down their points. I got online with weight watchers and I have been posting my points. Tuesday night at Weight Watchers the new leader named Lisa had an ending quote....ONLY TRACK ON THE DAYS YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT.

Blanche resigned from Tuesday nights. So we shall see what Lisa can deliver.So far so good.

We are slowly detoxing from sugar. It is a slow process. I caught Ron and Justice into the taffy. I told them that would send them on an eating frenzy because it gets your insulin going and telling you that you are hungry. I was right. Now Ron is eating popcorn and Justice is eating cheese and crackers and its after 9:00 pm.

Thursday morning I was pulling up to the house from Just for Ladies and the spirit said to me Ask Kim W out for supper tonight..... OKAY!

I got busy and forgot to call. I was cleaning off my desk and I saw a picture of a little girl with blueberry on her face and she looked like M. (It was me at a year) I called Kim and invited her. She called me back after talking with J and said it was a go. 6:30 worked for her. SWEET!

I picked her up and we went to Whiskey Creek and we enjoyed a chopped sirloin, and baked potato, and salad. I then took her to 56th street gas station and got her a chocolate shake and me a mint shake. I started my sugar frenzy. I was disappointed in myself. I will try not to do that. I was doing so good.

I feel that if I keep my food in check, I'm able to hear the spirit. I know that, I have known that for so long. I know that Satan knows that! He can't get me with smoking, drinking, affairs, etc, he could get me with food. God is mightier than Satan, and Food!!!

This morning We were getting ready to go to Kensington in Hastings and the spirit said to me Call before you go! I got busy. I got lunch ready for the kids. I said to Ron, I thought about calling Kensington to see if its okay to come, he said, I felt that way too. So I called.

NOPE. Sherri said that the building has been quaraintined because of the flu. I told her I would call her next week to see if it would be okay.

I felt special that God would talk to me. Guide Ron and I. I felt it was God saying,

Keep doing it Shanon! Keep being healthy so I can speak to you.

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