Monday, January 12, 2009


I was talking to Adrienne about a young mom heading off to BYU-IDAHO to go to college. She quickly said...She can't do that, it would be too hard. I said, Many people do it, like Sarah, Kari, and Jenn (just to name a few moms that I baby sit for). I said... You don't think that what David is going through is hard. Do you think he thought he would be laying in a hospital bed not able to use his leg? That is a hard thing to go through. (my point was...people do what they have to do!)

She got all pizzy! Why are you so judgmental?


Where did that come from?

I wasn't judging the fact that David found himself on the other side of the highway on a headon collision and in the hospital suffering, Judging.

I was simply making an analogy, like the Savior did (parables?)

She saw it as judging. You are always pointing your finger and saying see what she does, look at what they are doing, etc.

Whatever girl!

DON'T EVER think I am judging. I am a people watcher. I try and learn from other people. If I saw SARAH putting her finger in the hot stove, that was a sign for me NOT to do that myself. I was NOT a follower. I saw plenty of people getting stoned and that was something I didn't want my life to be full of.



Judging to me is...Someone who puts someone down to make themselves look better.

We have a lady in the Ward who calls you up, or tells you straight up, or tells someone else that YOU ARE A TERRIBLE MOM, or YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT to your children and husband. And she will be SNOTTY and put her NOSE in the AIR so HIGH she will get a nose bleed. (Barely has any friends, cries about not having friends and then wonders why she doesn't have any friends. HELLO...YOU BIT THEM ALL!!! ARE YOU THAT BLIND LADY????)

That to me is judging.

Or someone needs to tell me I need to get my facts straight!

Any takers??? ha ha

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