Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A lot going through my mind right now.

What is new.

I have had a couple people ask me not to move from Kearney. Some people in the community and some people in the Kearney Ward. Has my emotions and thoughts running wild. Saturday the kids and I looked online at the Hastings Housing situation. There is nothing that sticks into our minds. I am tempted to look at Kearney housing now.

I want to tell Heavenly Father that I am grateful for the beautiful house that I live in. I hope that my taking care of it on a daily basis shows my love and appreciation for it. I hope me trying to raise my children and other people’s children shows that I do love and respect all that is given me. It does seem to close in around us sometimes. Over the summer there were a lot of kids running in and out. We were all safe, but it does get a little overwhelming. I worried about some of the little ones when the construction seemed to go on for days at a time. No one was hurt and all is well and done now.

I don’t know if that is what it feels like in a real home or not. I have only lived in an apartment or “trailer” my whole married life. I have felt very blessed wherever I have lived. I am not HOUSE poor, that is for sure, ha ha! My children haven’t gone without because of the house payment. I truly feel like the Lord has blessed me my whole life with the things that we stand in need of. Ron’s family is in aw that we can survive and very well, on our income of 32,000.00 a year. Give or take a few tax breaks here and there. I gross about less than 20,000.00 with the daycare, thank goodness for tax right offs. Ron on average made less than 30,000.00 with working at Coleman, that was with overtime.

The main reason why we need to look into a house now is Ron needs a garage. This chemical that he uses needs to have a nice warm place or it freezes. I told Ron to look into renting a garage, he told me that most rental garages are NOT heated or insulated . Maybe we need to look into that further.

With Nostra Damus prediction of 2012 the world is going to come to an end, maybe we will just tight. Ha ha. (don’t know if I spelled that right, oh well)( I guess the History Channel is showing this Armegaden program, it has some people squirming, ha ha)

We live in scary times right now. We see the tempest raging. We feel that satan is raging and using different tools to get the kids. My kids are actually asking for FHE now. It makes my heart happy. We tried to get a lesson in last night but we were all so busy talking about how our week went and what was up for this week we had to close so we could get ready for bed. It was funny!

I invite the kids to FHE now. I don’t demand it. If you don’t want to come to FHE you can go to your room or bed. It’s been fun. We don’t do a 40 minute lesson. We pull an idea out of jar and we go with it. I think we got the topics from I think I will make those for my V.T. ladies for Valentine’s day or mother’s day.

I lot on my mind. A lot to pray about. Where does God want me? Where do my kids need to be so they can get the best education. Not just math, but life.

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