Thursday, January 22, 2009

The importance of Journaling

It was back in March when I discovered LDSJOURNAL.COM.

I have always enjoyed journaling. I once heard President Kimball tell us that journaling was important for the mind, heart and soul. I have been journaling ever since. I was 12 when I heard his "commandment" to me. I have about 30 or more journals.

I was on and was introduced to Adam Garza's journal song. Beautiful. It just teaches the importance of journaling.

Sometimes I feel that what I write is unimportant. I do it anyway.

I was reading over my today and I was freaked out by what I saw. I mentioned a few things that I wanted to see change in my life. I had a very strong desire to more good friends.

It was like a prayer in print. Those things have come true. I feel very blessed by those whom the Lord has placed in my life the past 10 months. From Work out buddies, to email friends to people I get to be in touch with on Facebook, to my new visiting teaching ladies. I know its because He saw and heard my desire.

Another example: I was struggling a few years back with my marriage and my exfiance was calling me. I seriously contemplated leaving my husband for this man. The spirit directed me to go and seek out my journal. I pictured exactly where that journal was, in the back of my closet. Not an easy task to get to.

I was reading all the entries of the time that him and I were dating. It was amazing to have the words come to life. Those same feelings that I had in 1988 came so real. I was so grateful I wrote almost everything down. Not even thinking of the impact these words would be in MY future.

As I read the hurt feelings boiled up in my heart and my mind. I remembered exactly why I broke off the engagement. I feel very blessed that God gave me my own words to guide me to NOT leaving Ron for Chad. At the end of that journal I remember what I wrote.

"Dear Father, you know who I am. You know I am good. You know I struggle with many things. You know who is best for me. Will you please send someone to help me out of this Dark hole that I am in?"

2 weeks later I asked Ron out on a date. 5 months later we were married.

I know people change. But the Lord spoke to me again. Reminded me of Why I married Ron and that if we kept our eye on the eternal prize we could make it.

I have a lot of journal testimonies, but those are the two I feel impressed to share.

So I admonish us all to continue to write even though it doesn't seem important.

Adams song describes it all:

Lyrics to “Made of Moments” by Adam Garza

When I wake up, and the sun is shinin' on my faceA brand new day calls my name
I've got to find my keys and start on my way, hey

So many things can happen in one day
Maybe today, she'll say, she wants to marry me
So many things can happen in one year
Oh did ya hear, that song, what's on the news
Yea, my brother's coming home soon
Life is made of moments, a hundred years slip through the sands of time
I wanna remember, this time
If life is worth living, life is worth recording
So I got to thinkin’ if today my life should pass away
How much of me will have remained
Should I have taken one small moment each day
To etch in gold my life for always, so I wont fade
Life is made of moments a hundred years slip through the sands of time
I wanna remember, this time, this time
Life is sharing moments, of all these years I hope to keep this one in mind
I wanna remember, I wanna remember
The late night camping scene when all were fast asleep
My first new set of wheels, I tried so hard not to speed
It meant so much to me what grandpa said to me
The night before he walked into the light
The day I saw the eyes of my love dressed in white
The sound of life, the sound of my son’s first cry
Life keeps rolling on, with memories forever gone
And I just want to hold on, hold on
Oh yea hold on, hold on
If life is worth living, life is worth recording, now

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Steve said...

Hi there. Every now and then I Google "" to see what people are saying about our service.

I am the art director of and reading about how LDSJournal has helped you in your life was very touching to me.

Adam Garza is my brother-in-law, so I will pass this post along to him since he is very appreciative when people complement him on his music.

Thank you for using! We have some big things coming this next year ;)