Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reflections of Christ

I wasn't in a good place yesterday.
I had some major sadness because of the Visual I had from Shawn's Funeral.
I felt guilty for not helping Ron in Hastings. I haven't been working out, I'm tired, sad, and its FREEZING out. I haven't been eating well. I've been filling up (feeling up) with junk. Mostly breads. Must be my comfort food.
Why would peanut butter and jello on soft bread comfort me? All it does is add a big bottom. Ha ha.

2 surprises yesterday. One of the sweet sister that I visit teach (through letters) came by and dropped off a present. I wanted to just start bawling, but I held it in. I felt so much love. I have been writing to her for years now. She writes me back. She used to be a Relief Society president, and do all kinds of service in the church but she has no place for the "church" or its "people" HOW SAD!!! I love her, I need her. I'm selfish, I want her there for me. PLEASE COME!!!

I was happy I was home to feel of her spirit for a few bried moments. I invited her in but she said she had an appointment to get to.

I was cleaning out my inbox in my Yahoo account, rereading stuff from Liz, and Faline, and Charlie and I came across this video that Charlie sent me from Deseret Book Video. I have played this video about 50 times. Karrea loves it, you should see the sadness she gets when she see's Jesus' hands. I got the NAIL off the tree I got from my HT (he stopped Ron in the hall yesterday and gave a loaf of bread with the NAIL poem) I showed how the "naughty guys" put Jesus on the Cross.

Tears flowing. She said, Mommy, that wasn't very nice! I know Sweetie!

This video and Eileen Hovie coming to see me got me OUT of the funk. Plus the pressure to perform for the missionaries when they had a last minute dinner appointment at our house. I laughed and felt a weight lifted.

I really wished I could feel this LIGHT every day. I usually do. But the pressure, the visions of sadness, and the weight of LIFE really gets me sometimes.

Hilary Weeks has a cute video on Deseret Video too, Mom's list. That is so my day. And many of yours too. If you need a cute pick me up. Visit it. I just clicked on all videos but if you don't want to watch just type in Hilary Weeks. I met her at Time out for Women (how did I get this italics? ) Her spirit is as large as her voice. She is so cute.

I hope the LINK I posted works, if not just look up

“Each of us is an innkeeper, who decides if there is room for Jesus.” Neal A.

If you make room, does that mean you have to do like he does? YES!

Today on the Bridge Radio they are advertising to drive through and pay for someone else's lunch. I really want to do that. I have always wanted to have enough money to do that. I'll see what I can do tonight.

I did take some baby stuff over to my friends new consignment shop. I hope she is successful. I was there and I brought in the little rocking horse and the lady who was at the checkout says she has been looking everywhere for one like that. 5.00. Sold. I LOVE THAT!!!!

I got to bless someone's life, and I got 5.00. YAY!!!

So....Spread the kindness! Even if its a smile!

God is GOOD


Loretta said...

Shay, you are always a good example to me -- I want to be like you when I grow up. :)

shayster said...

I am who I am because of good women like yourself are good examples to me