Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank You Loretta

I was reading Loretta's blog tonight, trying to see if I could get a snazzy tattoo like she has, ha ha! and I noticed she mentioned my blog.

How Sweet!

so In honor of that sweetness, I think I need to fill out the questions,.

List 5 things I loves.

Name 5 people I would pass the award to.

Give Solicited Love to the person who nominated her.

Here goes....

I love to EAT!! I love food, I love bread, I love to feel full, I love to eat veggies, I love sweets.

I love to SERVE the Lord. My most favorite callings have been the Stake Camp Director, the Stake YW Secretary, the Stake Primary Secretary, now first counselor, and Ward Young Womens first Counselor. I LOVE IT

I love my Children and Husband. Ron tries. Adrienne is a great cook. Shai is a great go getter. Justice is a lover. Karrea is a hoot. She has me laughing when I should be crying.

I love to Visit Teach. I truly have been blessed to have great companions and GREAT GREAT sisters (and I do mean sisters) that I GET to visit and be a part of their lives. I still have great friendships with those who have moved on...on to other VT. I don't do 20 minutes. I don't know how. I go by the spirit and sometimes that spirit says 2:00 AM (when I got there around 7:00, haha). Sometimes I go twice a month. Sometimes I come bearing gifts. I just go by the spirit of who needs what, and usually I NEED THEM. (more than they need me)

I love to clean. I'm not a freak. But I find myself cleaning all the time. I have a janitorial service that I run on the side. Next to helping Ron with Heavens best carpet cleaning and my daycare. I find myself vacuuming people's cobwebs when the edger should be on the floor, ha ha. I love the smell and look and feel of CLEAN

Whom would I nominate for Blogs?

1. Melinda Hoover
2. Rhonda Kearney
3. Bonnie Halliday
5. Jaydee Dewitt

I'm assuming we can't nominate the person who nominated us. Can I put more than 5? lol

if so.. honorable mentions.

Steff from OKIE
Tauna if she is still blogging, anyone know?
Desiree Menjiness...by the way GREAT PHOTOS

Loretta has been my cyber friend for a few years now. I have seen her life turn from a stay at home, to a work at school and she still loves life and enjoys serving her friends and family. I have "seen" her weep and shared her tears. (as of todays announcement too). I have spiritually loved Loretta with all that I have and respect all that she is, all that she shares, and I feel of her strength and use that to help me along my journey.

I love you Loretta. Prayers for you and your family!!!!!

God Bless

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Menjiness said...

Awww thanks!!! I love the photos too :)