Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Sacrament yesterday was the Christmas program. There were beautiful songs (always beautiful if I'm not at the organ, ha ha) and the missionaries, Elder Bernards, and Elder Gwynn were the narrators. It was nice. Bishop Loveless spoke and also President Sleight.
They spoke of a broken heart and contrite spirit being a gift that we could give the Lord. We could also give our forgiveness for a gift. We all need to be forgiven of something, but we must all forgive others.

It was nice sitting there having no ill feelings towards ANY ONE. With my new findings with Ron, that was NICE. We even sat by each other in church. Brother Brown brought a chair in for Ron and we sat in the back Pew. (Beins were gone, ha ha).

That set the tone for the spirit in my heart and in my home. (you know, when momma ain't happy, no body is happy. haha)

Today I gave the kids allowance and we all went shopping. This year we picked names. Instead of getting little 5.00 gifts for everyone we set the price at 20.00. The kids also went through their stuff and are donating. The kids also went through their stuff and wrapped it for each other. We call it White Elephant. I think the kids really look forward to it.

We are giving money this year. We have been for the past 8 years or so.

We were going to go shopping in Grand Island or Hasting Friday but Ron's mom called today and they invited us over this weekend for Christmas.

We were invited over for Thanksgiving, which is the last time the family saw Shawn. We didn't go, my family actually came over to our house. The last time we got together it was Adrienne's Graduation in May.

The spirit of Christmas is different this year. Its a good thing. I feel very blessed. This is the year of the Matson Trials, but the blessings have abounded over the tribulation.

I pray that the Christmas Spirit, the spirit of Jesus is in your heart and in your mind. Let forgiveness fill your soul. We know the greatest Gift that we Receive is Eternal life. Do you know that Exaltation only comes to the faithful ones. Eternal life and exaltation are two different things. We all receive Eternal Life, but our actions determine if we receive exaltation. I guess what I'm saying is if you want to be forgiven of your debts, then you have to forgive your debtors. A lot easier said than done. TRUST ME, I know!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


E and K Rausch said...

isn't it nice to feel the christmas spirit. At our house we just have not wanted to celebrate it and well someone brought over a decorated tree and it just put me in the mood! too bad we have no money to buy gifts. I am happy you are feeling it and thank you for the post. It something I am going through right now, needed to be forgiven.

Bon said...

That is a hard one, thanks for your post, you have a sweet spirit. Tell Elder Gwyen hi from us, can't remember if Bernards was here or not sounds familar, so tell them both hi from us, lol