Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Yesterday was a good day. I got up, got dressed and took Shai and Justice to Hunan's for lunch. Before we got to lunch I stopped by my friends Greenhouse. The Spirit drove me there, haha.

I knew a friend was "giftless" for Christmas and so I felt "impressed" to change that. I left the box for Stacy, but I also know Stacy is a giver too. I think that is why we are Not rich, we would rather give our services, ha ha. (I have tried Tupperware, Home Interiors, Jafra, Pampered Chef, its all the same, I give my sales away, ha ha)

I took my thoughts to Stacy and we went shopping. She wrapped and I got some money from my car. Her van hasn't been starting so I volunteered my van for delivery. That was fun. She had another to make around 1:00 but was still hoping her dh would show up. After lunch the impression to go back to the greenhouse drove me over there. I loaded up 30 poinsetta's (she is the local grower. There are not very many people who can grow Poinsetta's they have to go without light for a certain amount of time. That doesn't leave very many places.) and took them to the Prince Of Peace services.

It felt good to help. On the way home from our errands we stopped and delivered to my "giftless" friend. I love the spirit in her home. I wished the time permitted me to just bask there all the time. Once I am there I have to force myself to leave. Justice was in the van and we had to get home for the party at my house.

We got home and Justice and Shai and Ron helped me get the house cleaned up and the food prepared. It was fun working with each other. Our guests came around 6:00. We chatted and we ate til our bellies ached. I had an investigator of the church over and an inactive plus Jenn and Jenn, and the missionladies. Jenn had her beautiful children. I had fun. I hope they did too.

WE had chips and dips and crackers and cheese and meats and cookies and puppy chow and chex crunch, chocolate chips, peanuts, veggies, pop, water, bean dip, spinach dip (remind me to NEVER eat that again, it sucks coming out your nose). Too much food. Did you know Lofthouse cookies are made in Ogden Utah? Wow, they are good. Sweet! EEEWWWW EEE

Missionaries have a curfew so people were gone and out before 9:00. I took a long hot bath while the family cleaned up.

I stayed up and watched Bucket list a couple of times and bawled my eyes out. I just can't imagine. I still have visions of Shawn lying lifeless in that coffin with his hands black from serving others. What will my hands look like?

What is my Bucket List?

I want to love. I want to laugh. I want to teach others. I want to serve others. I want to travel. I want to be the best that I can be.

I'm a bear to live with when I have a headache, or my tooth, or my elbow. I can't imagine knowing I had 6 months to live and in pain. I saw my "ma" suffer through breast cancer. It took the very life out of her. All she could do was lay on the couch. That was my first testimony that I didn't have to be entertained. That was the first time My spirit spoke to someone else's. She apologized for not being able to do something for me. I said, Ma, its okay. Let's Just BE!

No words, lets just spiritually talk in silence.

what a great feeling.

Christmas today started at 9:00 am for me. I was up and watching the Christmas day parade waiting for Karrea and Adrienne to wake up. We finally got to presents at 10:15. (jonas brothers and Miley Cyrus, you know!)

It was a blast watching the excitement in Karrea. She got mostly movies and she got an art box with Crayons, glue and stickers

Shai got 50.00 from me, (daddy gave them 50.00 in their white elephant gifts) and a Teen magazine, beef jerky, gum, candy bars, and a jonas brothers blanket.

Justice got the same goodies from me, but Shai had Jd's name and she got him a transformer blanket.

Adrienne got the same goodies from me but Ron had her name and all she wanted was money so he handed her a 20. 00

He has been super sick since yesterday morning. He is burning up and very weak. No throwing up but sore throat and headache. He is NOT good. He stayed in our room last night while people were here.

Poor baby. I feel sad for him.

I got a present from Karrea. Bejeweled Twist. I love those games it helps my "reflexes" ha ha

Ron got me some tools and 100.00 I feel very blessed.

For Ron I gave him 60.00 and a scrapbook. He is going to scrapbook with me if its the last thing we do. H aha! he is way more artistic and creative than me, I need him to help me. H aha!

We have had a super day. Adrienne made supper. She fixed her ham she got from work, mashed taters and gravy and green beans. Yummo!

Its always better if I don't make it.

WE have been watching movies all day. Enjoying just us. The house is a mess, Justice's is doing dishes and my feet are kicked up. I love it! I may just like it!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I pray that we can all keep the spirit of Christ in our everyday lives and not just at this time. I like to do that by listening to, and when I'm in the car I listen to MybridgeRadio. Its a christian radio station. 99.3, or 95.7 I love that spirit. I always hear what the Lord needs me to hear, without the vulgar of drinking, lady talk, or swear words. Its been a blessing.

I think God Gave me a Very Merry Christmas


Rhonda said...

I still want a sleepover party and we can watch that movie. I still havn't seen it and now that you are blogging about it I better watch it. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

shayster said...

Hey girl. I owe you an apology for being such a poop downer. I am going to try and blog some of my feelings that I had that day and beyond. You were just my sounding board, you poor girl!
You know I love you, right?

How was Christmas for you?

I haven't been on because hillbillies don't have internet, ha ha