Tuesday, November 25, 2008


First off, as I was typing this it was translating into hindu. I'm such a dork.

Start with number
1. I'm grateful that I knew how to disable the hindu translation.
2. I'm grateful that Ron stood in line for almost an hour to get me this laptop for Christmas
3. I'm grateful that People around USA have wireless for me to tap into.
4. I'm grateful for: R-com, my wireless company who finally built the tower and completed me
5. I'm grateful for Adrienne who stays home and watches the kids while I help Ron.
6. I'm grateful Ron needs me
7. I'm grateful that when Karrea was sad today, I told her grandma and grandpa were coming and that made her happy. She wanted to sit on the porch and wait for them.
8. I'm grateful for Cell phones. Called mom and told her Karrea is waiting for her.
9. I'm grateful for Solvent that gets gum out of carpet.
10. I'm grateful for fabric protector that helps keep things clean (used to think it was a scam)
11. I'm grateful that Shai does her seminary
12. I'm grateful that Justice cleans up after his baby sister, even though he hates it.
13. I'm grateful for my calling in the stake to be able to meet with neat ladies.
14. I'm grateful for orange deodorizer.
15. I'm grateful for my friend Stacy who makes me laugh all the time.
16. I'm grateful for my husband Ron who makes me laugh because we are both dorks together.
17. I'm grateful for customers who actually listen to me.
18. I'm grateful for Weight watchers. It helps me on this journey
19. I'm grateful for warm sunny days
20. I'm grateful for scriptures that answer my every day prayers
21. I'm grateful for courage to speak up
22. I'm grateful for hands to hold babies and type
23. I'm grateful for my step dad Jerrry who has always loved me and respected me. He thinks my family is the bomb
24. I'm grateful that Nancy lets us use grandma's garage.
25. I'm grateful for my home. Its safe and cozy and warm, and almost done with construction
26. CTR rings to help me remember to have a current temple recommend
27. My original wedding ring.
28. My van that holds 6 d.v.d.'s
29. comfortable shoes, and
Onlineshoes.com that sells them to me cheap
30. The Swim-ex at Just for Ladies that keeps me in better shape.
31. God helping me in my food weakness
32. Strength and energy to lift this heavy equipment
33. Old visiting teaching sisters that still love me and are my friends even though I'm not 'assigned' to them
34. I'm grateful for Food. Its a love/hate relationship
35. I'm grateful for Dr. Faline who has helped me in my struggles
36 I'm grateful I look good in red. I wear it alot with Ron's work.
37. I'm grateful for my voice that helps me stand up for truth and righteousness, even when it means standing alone.
38. I'm grateful for Vaughn Hokanson for his example and purity
39. I'm grateful for spiritual eyes
40. I'm grateful for my name. It means little ole wise one.
41. I'm grateful for compassion I have for others struggles. I can relate. Been there and done that.
42. I'm grateful for Yahoo and facebook that keeps me in touch with friends and family, even my own daughter who is in the other room
43. I'm grateful for gum. I have chewed gum since 6th grade. Must have been my bad breath.
44. I am grateful for danon smoothies and almonds for breakfast in the morning.
45. I'm grateful for a vacuum cleaner that will suck your socks off. NO MORE CRAPPY ONES.
46. I'm grateful for my warm cozy bed.
47. I'm grateful for long hair, now people can tell debbie and I apart, LOL
48. I'm grateful for forgiveness. That I can forgive so I don't hurt.
49. I'm grateful for adoption. I pray that "josh" was raised in a good LDS home
50. I'm grateful for bunk beds, so I have room for kids in a small house.

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Rhonda said...

Hey! you are half way there on your list, isn't it awesome. I really enjoy reading your blog. Silly Lady! I miss my visiting teacher too.