Monday, December 1, 2008

"May we be found among those who give our thanks to our Heavenly Father. If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues. Despite the changes which come into our lives and with gratitude in our hearts, may we fill our days—as much as we can—with those things which matter most. May we cherish those we hold dear and express our love to them in word and in deed."
--Thomas S. Monson, "Finding Joy in the Journey", Ensign, Nov 2008, 84–87

D&C 59:21.Come, Ye Thankful People Come, Hymn #94

I’ve had a few minutes to reflect on things that I have been blessed with this past week.
I had a blast on Thanksgiving. Mom and dad showed up around 11:00. We didn’t have to rush around and do things, we were relaxed. It was nice. Russ and Shell and Lucas showed up next. I guess Roger got called off on a emergency call so lunch was going to be a little later. Guess what? It was okay. Turkey was done at 11:00 but it stayed delish. Taters were peeled by dad and I. We snacked on reindeer poop, chips and salsa, and a fruit tray that Russ and Shell brought.

The food seemed so easy this year. Mom and dad bought pies at Costco. They were huge and delicious! I have never had such a great pumpkin pie. (I am sheltered though). The night before I made strawberry fluff (coo-lwhip, frozen strawberries (thawed)mashed and then I added vanilla fat free pudding, and marshmellows). We had corn, cheesy beans, potatoes, gravy (from sam’s club Tone’s), rolls. I bought frozen ones but forgot to raise them so Ron bought some at the store. (I don’t know what his deal is, but Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving day he has to go to the store. Which leaves him not helping.!! UGH) He bought pop because dad only drinks diet Dr. Pepper and we had diet dew and dew and coke. I know. We are sinners. But it is my Zoloft. I find myself really low and so I drink a bit of pop and I’m off and running again. We had a 20 pound turkey that I bought about a month ago at 88 cents a pound, good thing I got it. They went up to 1.08 a week before. (Friday we went to Sams and picked one up for .58 so I have one for food storage now). My brother Roger brought fruit salad. It was good. Mom made her homemade stuffing the night before with the turkey giblets, apple, celery, onion. It was pretty good. That was it. The relish tray was out and empty by the time lunch was ready. Guess what? It was okay. 6 cans of olives flew by! Ha ha

For once Thanksgiving wasn’t about the food for me. It was about the people! I have always wondered what people meant by that. (weight watcher ladies). I ate 2 pieces of pie, but I didn’t pig out. I felt very blessed to have my new home and family to enjoy it and not “FREAK” out and worry. I must be getting old.

After lunch we sat around and talked. We enjoyed the funny stories. Why do we always tell stories when we were little? Nobody really talks about their lives today. We did. We talked about the business. I learned about Shells work. Roger shared a few things about his work. Julie said she loves her job. Mom and dad didn’t share too much. It was fun. We played dice a round and then we showed them how to play Old Mare The Lying game. A HOOT. Roger couldn’t do it. He would just minus a point instead of lie to mom. It was hilarious!! We had to change directions and mom lied to Roger. It was fun. Dad sat in front of the t.v. most of the time, but that was good. He needed to circulate his feet. Diabetes is setting in. Shai played on the computer most of the night. Justice entertained James and Lucas. They played games all day. Lucas had a broken arm, there wasn’t much else they could do. It was a beautiful day to play catch, but inside was the plan they went with. Lucas brought some robots and played for a little bit and then came out of his shell when James came. They are more the same age. Actually, Justice will be 11 next week, James just turned 9 (or 10?) and Lucas will be 9 next February.

It was fun. I could feel the blessings of it all. We missed Lyle. Michael, his son came for a couple hours to visit, he sat in the pictures for Lyle. I can’t believe he is 21. He is such a handsome man. I worried, he was such a terror when he was younger. Wow. No one could stand the little guy. He was mean to his mom and took scissors to my car (which mom and dad bought from Ron and I). Mom says he was ADD. We all thought he was just a brat. Haha. It’s good seeing him be successful. I would love to see him a member of the church. That is the only thing he is missing.

Roger Called and said he enjoyed himself. Mom and Dad commented that they had a blast. They told me that a few times actually. I just think Satan has his ways of keeping the family together and contention has always been number one where we are concerned.

The blessings of Thanksgiving: I am grateful for all of my blessings. My children are great, talented and funny. My husband is cute and funny. My parents are generous and they love my husband more than me, ha ha. My brother Russell is so hilarious. Roger was actually funny too. He looks healthy and he’s doing good. My sister in laws are very sweet, very helpful, and genuine. It’s nice. I hope we can get together again. Who knew that this year would be the year of so many wonderful changes. We could’ve have really cursed God, but we didn’t. We saw His hand in Everything. We saw miracles almost everyday. I feel very blessed, and loved by a God that knows me and my little family.

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