Saturday, November 22, 2008

"you know where you are supposed to be"

Last night was enrichment night.

Last night was very cold.

Yesterday was very annoying. I was cleaning house getting ready to have the mission-ladies (karrea's word) over for supper and the next thing I know there is a miter saw in my TV room and saw dust everywhere after I just spent the morning dusting and cleaning.

I was the one who asked Ron if he could get the new blinds up so I tried really hard not to complain too loud.

Ron, being the perfectist that he is needed to get some new trim too. Off to Menards we go. Had in mind what we were getting. Got there (mistake number one, we took the 3 year old) and they were OUT of what we thought we needed. FIGURES.

We go looking around and find the REAL wood. It's 3 times the money. Now if Menards would have ordered the exact windows that I ASKED FOR we wouldn't need this so called "trim". We received window that were 1/2 on each side too small. John the manager helped us with the shimmies and nails earlier this summer, MAYBE he'll help us with the silly trim, that we wouldn't need!

They were very kind to oblige me. Mistake number 2 was letting Ron and Brad walk around trying to find a different trim. I'm off trying to entertain a 3 year old "are we going home yet?" for the 10th time. I take her to the christmas lights. I'm getting tired. The Clock is ticking and I have things to do to get prepared for supper. I don't know if Adrienne and her date Justin are eating with us or not. That makes 9 people over, possibly.

I feel my nerve (I only have one left) shot! I go over to Ron and say 'I thought we decided on the 1/4 circle trim. Why are you trying to find something different?' He is flustered by this time too and we just pick up the 1/4 round. WHEW! Thank you. Lets get out of here. UGH.

Brad gives this trim to us and we head off to home. NOPE Karrea wants nuggets and fries. We hadn't eaten lunch. Mistake number 3. Eat before you spend hours at Menards, especially with a 3 year old "PRINCESS". She already had the toy that she got in the happy meal so Ron ran in to exchange. HEY...a new Ron, he would have said TOUGH a few months ago, due to his shyness.

We get home and we let whiney pants eat her nuggets and fries with "dippy dippy sauce" (homemade ranch). I'm fried. My house is a disaster. I try and sit down and play a game or two to relax, that didn't go over very well, it froze up my computer. Ron is getting frustrated because he can't figure how to cut it. I'm trying to explain it to him, but his mind is not wrapping around the 45 degree angle and how to do it on a miter saw. He admits he's too proud to call his friend Brother Wolfe. We had words flying and dust flying and frustrations are getting hotter.

I finally send him off to get the mission-ladies. He shows up at 5:15, when Supper was ready at 5:00 and always is. We were just about ready to start without him. I have been known to be stood up by the missionaries, it must be the Matson curse. *(side note below) I learned "if you snooze you lose" The men arrived and I'm a little on the edgy side. Supper goes well.

I laugh at Ron and say 'Should I tell them now or later'. Elder Benards pushes his plate away (second helpings). He's like..."what?" I laugh and say 'Those are wheat noodles. Have you had them before? The more you drink the more swollen they get. You think you can eat lots and lots of pasta, but you drink a glass of water and it hits you like a ton of bricks and it cleans you right out. HAHA' Elder Gwenn says "my mom served us wheat noodles, I'm used to it" OKAY. Not 10 minutes later they are bloated. (and so was I, thank goodness for water and a big salad before the pasta).

We are sitting there miserable. Elder G says he's going to call Jenn to see if she is going to Enrichment tonight. She hesitates in going. Elder G hands me the phone and I blurt out 'if you don't go I don't go' She felt guilty and we set up that I would pick her and the kids up and we would GO. DANG we both wanted to sit at home just relaxing in our WARM and COZY homes for the night.

We got to enrichment, took the kids down to the play area where the Activity day girls were watching the little ones. The Activities were Quilting (you really didn't want me helping, haha).
Making stockings for the needy. Making homemade cards for the Hospital. Did someone say stamping?????? I'm in. Jenn and I sat at the stamping table laughing and carrying on and really enjoying the ladies at the table. I cut the cards and pretty paper and top paper. The other "stations" they had were cutting paper with deckle scissors, gluing the cards together, putting them in an envelope. We needed to make 350 cards.

By 8:30 we were only half way done. Activity day girls needed to be relieved of their services but most of us at the Stamp table stayed while the others took their kids home. We finally got done around 10:00. I enjoyed every minute. I hope the non-member ladies that Amber brought enjoyed themselves.

I never used to go to enrichment. I really didn't understand what it was. It was called Homemaking back in the day. I started to go with the Guidance of Pam Carlson. When I would question what my plans were for the night she would look at me and say...."YOU KNOW WHERE HEAVENLY FATHER WANTS/NEEDS YOU TO BE"

I told Jenn when I heard the hestitation in her voice, 'if we both feel like we don't want to go, that means Satan doesn't want us to go, so LET'S GO.' She was game with that I'm so grateful. She is a neat little gal. New in the gospel. New into these spiritual experiences. I'm grateful for her and the opportunity I have to be her visiting teacher. She teaches me more than I teach her.

I know where I'm supposed to be. And YOU?

*side note. The Matson's usually get dogged on their birthdays, we usually get dogged on the free t-shirt hand outs, we usually get dogged out on Visiting teachers coming regularly, and Home teachers visiting regularly, its very low self esteem building.

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shayster said...

I had a great visiting teacher for about 9 months, but the Lopez's moved in May. I haven't had a VT since. Home Teacher is Simpson now, he has been here, haven't had a constant one since Brother Prater and they are moving to Colorado. What sadness. I have a new companion, but life is crazy. WE have new sisters, but life is crazy. God, continue to guide ME and my family!