Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keep your eye on the goal

I was at weight watchers last night and this quote was up on the board, which I thought was very appropriate for the feelings that I was having yesterday while blogging. It was a quote from Tom Landry who used to be the Dallas Cowboys coach
“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”
I sat there and listened to all the ladies trying to figure out what the plan is in their life. I love having plans. What I don’t like is when things get in the way of my plans and then I tend to freak out or get discouraged. Our leader likened what we were talking about to a football team/game.
She had these things listed on the board.
1. Individual success starts in the huddle (meaning meetings)
2. You have to stick with a plan.
3. We ALL fumble.
4. Keep your eye on the goal.
5. Believe in your abilities and never quit.
We talked about using our inner resources to continue on the plan. These are things that we have that don’t cost money. Things that are in us already, or we want to find in ourselves.
Some of the resources that were mentioned were
1. Calmness
2. Determination
3. Humor
4. Forgiveness
5. Knowledge
6. Perserverance
7. Discipline
8. Love
9. Kindness
10. Persista nce
11. Organization skills
Now 1-5 were named at the meeting, I came up with the rest. The ones I have used over the past 6 years .
I want to look over that list and see which one I want to work on this week. I think its calmness.
What can I do to remain calm in a food situation? Our leader suggested that what works for her is have a rubberband around her wrist. When she finds her self stressed she grabs the rubberband and holds it and takes a deep breath. That breath relaxes her and gets oxygen to her brain, and then she is better able to think. Maybe I need to get one of those rubber/bands like CTR, or Return with Honor and then when I find myself breathing too heavy I can grab it and remind myself to get oxygen to the brain and that will soften my heart so that I am better able to LISTEN to what I need to do. I find myself OVER reacting instead of acting. Its easier for me to see that other people do that and not myself.
Anchoring…What is my ultimate goal with eating right?
I need to work for Weight Watchers. I need to help people. I need to be needed.
My game plan.
1. TRACK my foods. I need to find a special pen and get a new tracker, I have 2 weeks left on the one I’m using, and I want to remain calm, and so if I have 2 or 3 on hand, I can calm down.
2. Shop for better foods. I want to have treats in the house, its only “fair” so I will just fix those treats for FHE.
3. Get me a new Water Mug. Colorful, can’t miss if its hiding.
4. Put my vitamin bottle in plain sight.
5. Buy the fruits and veggies and have them cut up and ready to go (veggies, with fruits I’ll have them on the counter in a cool basket and not my bread basket)
6. Don’t have a lot of quick foods available unless they are low fat.

Let’s see how this plays out for the week.

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shayster said...

I see that you are doing this now. Its October of 2010. What changed? PRAYER