Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"In the meridian of time, among other things, the Savior gave a touch here, a kind word there, food (both real and spiritual) to the hungry, advice and counsel to those in need. He gave prayers with the frightened, kindness to the passed-over, respect and affection for the children, loving care for those who are burdened. “And thus we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things."
--Stephen A. West, "Out of Small Things", Ensign, May 1999, 28
D&C 64:33
You can make the pathway bright, Hymn #228

I'm on a group called Lessons of Life and its teaching me how to journal my lessons. They should start with scripture and a quote or two. I recieve NUGGETS and so a lot of my quotes come from the daily email I receive. Some pop out at me, at different times and I relish in them.

This is Shay's life lesson today. I had a couple actually.

1. Shai is responsible for getting up for Seminary, and just because she isn't up doesn't mean that I shouldn't go and work out.
2. When and If I sleep in past 6:30, Satan uses my dreams for evil. I hate that. I sleep hardest in the hour between 7-8:30 and that is when Satan creeps in and uses false things to ruin my day.
3. Always pray for guidance.

I have been impressed to visit "sarah" *named changed. Several times today I have asked for guidance as to when I should go and what I should say to her. Tuesday used to be my Visiting teaching day, but now Thursday works better for my companion. Works for me too. My mind and body are still on Tuesdays after Weight watchers and Subway. Ron left Subway and headed home and I said to Heavenly Father, where do you want me. A vision of Turtle something came into my mind. OKAY. So I headed to TCBY. Its "weight" friendlier. So I walked it and saw a turtle something. I took it up to the counter and I asked her the price. over 16.00 I didn't have that much money. I asked what the 14.00 was and she said "that is cake. Turtle cake" So I went over to the freezer and that was what my vision was. I picked it up, put the PIE back and checked out.

I headed over to Sarahs house. Sat in her driveway and it didn't feel right. I didn't feel like she was home. I called her. She said she was at an investigators house. I said...'Are you over at "julie's " name changed. She said, why yes I am. I said would it be ackward to come over? Let me speak to Elder so and so. I talked with him, he said they were only going to be there a few minutes and they didn't need me. Okay.

So I left Sarah's house. Okay...Heavenly FAther, I'm confused. I heard him say...Go to "Julie's house with the cake!" Okay, but Elder so and so said...Oh well, if he's mad at me, so be it. God will make it right.

I headed over there. They were outside. I came walking up and I had the cake in hand. She said, why are you here? I said I don't, He just told me to come and give you this cake! She looked at Elder so and so, I said, NO He didn't tell me to, HE told me too. She gave me a hug and I whispered in her ear. HE LOVES YOU!!! He knows you!

The spirit came over me and I could feel tears coming. I said, I'm sorry, I'm just a little freaked out, I'm not sure why I'm here.

It was cold outside and they just got over the stomach flu and so I left and said see you friday at Enrichment night and Sunday at church.

I got back to Sarah's house and we were talking. She said, did you know it was Julie's birthday on thursday? UM, NO!!!!!!!!

They just (meaning Sarah and the missionaries) looked at me and I just said, I'm just doing what God wants me to do. He wants me to give this to you. (the october new era) Not knowing she is planning and struggling to go to the temple and this is the temple addition.

I'm not a perfect mom. I'm not a perfect Visiting teacher, I'm not a perfect babysitter, I'm not a perfect teacher. I'm not a perfect wife, I'm not a perfect stake counselor. In fact, I am more on the dork side of things.

What I am is willing to do what God wants me to without a score. I have seen a score keeper. I used to be a score keeper. Its not fun. A score keeper just ends up losing the game and spirit. Peoples spirit can tell if you are serving for "SCORE" and when you are serving because of the pure love that you have. I choose just to do what God needs from me and let him keep score. He is better at this than I am. ha ha

Sarah needed me tonight. God knew that. Julie needed all of us. She is so tender in the discussions. Sarah is so new to the gospel. I really appreciate that God speaks to those who can serve. I am grateful that I choose to listen.

That is my lesson today. A small cake may go a long way. (and its low fat too, ha ha)

God loves each of us. Is VERY mindful. If we are but faithful, hopeful and full of charity!

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shayster said...

It breaks my heart knowing that "sarah and Julie" are not choosing light!