Monday, November 17, 2008

Gift of Gab

Ron had a job set up for 3:00 today, November 17, 2008. As I was starting to do laundry and a few other things around the house Ron checked his phone messages and there was a gentlemen who needed some carpets cleaned by Heaven’s Best (that’s us, ha ha)
So being the MOUTH of the house, business, family, job, etc. I called and set up the appointment. Ron feels very uncomfortable speaking to people in general especially people he doesn’t know. He barely speaks to me, unless he’s mad, ha ha, and then I tell him to shhhh!
Terry needed his living room cleaned and today would be wonderful. So we loaded everything into the van and headed off to Lakeview Cove. Terry was a very common, nice man. Drove up to his drive way and there is a deer carcuss on the ground. I told Ron, ‘what, does he want me to lose my breakfast?’ (which I just finished a dannon light and fit smoothie) With that thought in mind, when I saw Terry in the garage, I repeated it to him. He chuckled. Inside my mind I was saying ‘Shay, you talk to much.’
We got busy cleaning. Terry was in and out of the house a few times. Each time I had my back turned to him and he scared me and since I have a big mouth I would say…’are you trying to scare me?’ He would laugh and say, “NO”. I kept repeating to myself as I would go outside and enter through the garage. Shanon, you talk to much. You just need to learn to hush. Most people don’t want to talk to the “help”. For some reason I just felt very comfortable talking to him.
I saw a picture on the desk of a girl that had a Kearney Lopers t-shirt on. I asked if he had a daughter. He hesitated. I thought, uh oh, open mouth insert foot. He finally said, “Yes we have a daughter.” I asked if her name was Melissa, he replied, “No, her name is Becky” I said, ‘I don’t mean to be nosey but she sure looks familiar.’ We talked a little bit about her.
I couldn’t tell if he felt comfortable talking with me or not. My mouth kept going though. I felt impressed to go out and get the bill and as I was heading through the front door he said, “are you ready to settle up some business?” ‘Sure’ so I headed up the split level house. Beautiful home if I may add.
I asked how he heard of Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning and he said he has had it for years, just not us. So I explained to him about Norm’s offer and how I worked with my dad for years. That is why I’m the mouth of the business and Ron is the braun of the business (even tho I can hold my own and do just what he does, humph)
I told him we were interested in moving to Hastings but has had no luck. He said he had a house for sale. Wow, really? I told him what I was looking for, we have four kids we live in a house that is 2026 sq.ft and need something that size or bigger. He said, “I’ll sell you this house?” He says he “flips” houses. He needs to finish two bathrooms and then he’ll be ready to go. I said, ‘tell you what, when you are ready to sell this home, will you give us a tour and maybe by then the bank will not only go on my income (which the bank said 105,000 is all we could buy a house for) but Ron’s income too. Which is quite nice for a change. (I can see the confidence grow in him, and he really has learned great responsibilities. Its great seeing it) He told me it was a deal. He also told us to go around the corner and look at his friends house, it has a pool and only 159,000. REALLY? He said “ houses are going great around here. You’ll be surprised, there is a lot of junk out there too.”
So as I was packing up the van and pondering on Terry’s insight, I couldn’t help but Thank Heavenly Father for my gift to gab. I truly feel like Terry was supposed to talk to me about these things. I would love to live in a home on Lakeview Cove. I would love to have a pool. I am an advide swimmer, it is my second love (after you put my husband and children and the Lord first, LOL)
More and more I find that most people are really nice. There are a few people out there that spoil it but I’m grateful for the majority of you who are kind and smile and give people a break. You cranky people know who you are. May God grant you kindness and peace. (yes, granny, I’m talking to you! Ha ha)
Lesson today…Be Grateful for EVERY GOOD gift God gives you!

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shayster said...

so, the move to hastings isn't going to happen until after Shai graduates from High School. If we move, she will lose her scholarship. UGH