Saturday, November 15, 2008

Change is Good

I decided it was time for me to take a reality picture of myself. I find I have changed. Change is good!

In light of Thanksgiving, I wanted to make a list of things I've changed, and find myself grateful for the change, even though at the moment (most things) were VERY painful to change.

I'm going to start with physical change.
1. I have let my hair grow longer. Between Ron's comment of "I didn't marry a butch" to a "sister" in the ward annoyed by my short hairstyle I have decided it was time to let it go.

2. I have lost 10 pounds since August 25.

3. I have bought some new clothes.

4. I have bought new jeans. And I don't mind wearing the size I bought.

5. I have changed my work out. I go in the morning and swim. My body likes that

My home has changed.
(I say I have "lost" my home, but its only losing it as I knew it. I was never homeless, just 1/2 , the west half, ha ha)
God knew we didn't have the money for repairs and updates, so the storm took care of the money...Insurance paid for it.

1. Since the June 5, 2008 storm my home is different

a. My entry way is "wood" now (its actually wood looking linoleum)
b. My t.v. room and dining room have new carpet
c. My kitchen has "wood" floors.
d. We have a new Kitchen table
e. We have new windows
f. New Roof
g. New Paint on the outside
h. New Paint on the Kitchen walls
i. New paint in the kids bathroom and fixtures and skylight, and lights

My family has changed.

1. I became a "work outside the home mom. " (at least 2 days a week)

2. Ron and I work together now and enjoy each others company. He is such a great (perfectionist) worker, and I'm a good gopher girl. I love talking with the customers.

3. Adrienne has been helping out with the Daycare. (She is getting so much experience. She looks so natural with Baby Dustin now and is getting more patient with the older kids)

4. Shai found new friends in the High School Musical she was in. (she is happier)
It was so fun seeing her talents soar!

5. Karrea is getting so big. She is a big helper. She is into make-up and dress up clothes and movies and books.

6. Justice is one of the top 4 students in his school and that bolstered his confidence. It will be fun to see how well he does in the primary program. His music teacher, Mrs. Cox tells me she loves him. (blush)

7. Ron has really broadened his talents in the remodeling, and we actually work great together.
I have a new talent and "like" I like to paint walls. Wow. That surprises me.

My spiritual change.

1. I used to have anxiety attacks. Not knowing that is what they were, I really thought they
were mitral valve episodes but since August 25, I haven't had an episode. STRANGE. That is the day my BFF quit speaking to me because I talked to her and her daughter about Shai's feelings

2. I have been led to a wonderful new friend who lifts me up and makes me laugh my buns off.

3. I have found some scripture time with the family. (I have always had MY time. Well, the
past 14 years anyway)

4. I have a new calling as the Stake Primary 1st counselor working with Wonderful, funny, beautiful women. Who want to attend the temple on a regular basis. YAY

5. I actually want to go to Relief Society.

6. I have a new Visiting teaching companion, who blesses my life and I bless hers. She loves it when I call and we go out to these super wonderful ladies.

7. I have new visiting teaching ladies. I am soooo very sad that I don't have the sisters that I had, but I hope they know I love them and would still do anything for them. They have a good VT that will spread her wings and love and serve them.

8. I have set boundaries with a few sisters at the church. It feels like freedom.

Our Cars have changed

1. I had to buy a different van because my Sillohette got totaled in the the hail storm

2. Ron bought me a temple car. One that gets great gas mileage.

3. We have a cute work van. It has a huge LOGO picture of a cute little girl on it that catches
every one's attention and has gotten us a few jobs, just for the LOGO. Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning, Look it up, you'll see what I mean.

4. Ron is hoping to sell his Chevy S10 and his Chrysler so he can get a full-size chevy that will fit the whole family.

5. Adrienne bought a 1980 something Iroc Z from a friend and its in the process of getting fixed up. So that is a new toy for her.

As you can see....lots of changes, and they are all welcomed.

Thank you for the rainbow at the end of the storms of change.


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