Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

Once again at conference time we are reminded to be grateful for what we have.  I have had some time to reflect and do just that.
Last Thursday after reading an email saying that "China will probably own us in the next years" I felt impressed to pull out of my Roth IRA.  It wasn't making any money (then) and Ron has been pressuring me to quit putting into it because we just didn't have the money to do it.  *I felt we had no choice.  With his parents close to retirement, and no investments or SS, and my folks "struggling" I am a little scared to not invest on something for the future.
I made the call to our "broker" and cashed out. 
2 hours later I get a phone call from Ron telling me his work van was in the shop.  The transmission went out.  1842.89 is what he will need to get it out.  I just wanted to cry.
I guess I am grateful that we did have the money to fix it.
I have been struggling all my life with weight.  Food.  Its not the weight I have a problem with its the over eating of certain foods.  Mostly breads.  Now i have been known to put a pan of brownies away, Deniese Jessops cake, I can eat half of that, rice krispie treats, and I used to make indoor smores, ate the whole pan, and I have eaten a whole pan of monkey bread too, won't touch the stuff now.  LOL!
I have been known to eat a whole pizza pie too.  I don't know where I put it.  I think my butt cheeks are hollow?
I have fervently prayed to God to help me in this weakness.  I have felt his strength as I battle daily to keep within my points range from weight watchers.  I mean Battle.  I lost the battle a few times last week, but I'm hoping I'm back on track (note to self, do not go to Godfathers pizza buffet and then eileen's cookies for dessert because GF was out of theirs)
Also note to self, get the double fiber bread, one it tastes like card board, and two it does fill you up and you won't be tempted to snack on it all day!  :D
I know I don't always ACT grateful.  I look around and see all the blessings I do have.
Thank you God for
Good friends, internet and local
Food and self discipline
Family and laughter
Scripture and Prayer
Home and Cars that run
A great hair straightener :D
Health and strength
Energy to smile everyday and take care of
everyones needs.
Thank you!  I am grateful that Ron is feeling better about life too.


Gramee said...

Fred and I went on low Carb. Dr orders.(for Fred) I like you, can eat my weight in bread. I have been so good I have eaten bread, 4 times in 2 months, and 2 of those times were 1 piece of toast. I have have pretty much no sweets, but I have hardly lost any weight..
only 13 pounds.. I need to do something else..

shayster said...

I have only lost 16 pounds. I am trying......I'm going down instead of up! so that is good. I miss you!! good to see you! I really like the CORE plan WW HAD I'm trying to do that.