Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear God

I am entering a time in my life that is all too familiar. I'm at home. With Daycare. With a four year old that is mine. I am home, changing poopy pants, and wiping runny noses. I am home alone to talk to toddlers. If I raise my voice too high, i get the lip shivers from the 3 year old. If I don't run fast enough to make the 8 oz formula bottle at the right temp, I'm screamed at. If I don't drop everything I'm doing, or leave the room, my four year old hollars for me and wakes up the sleeping kids.
Give me strength.
I am entering a time of NO CASH FLOW again. Just when I get a few bucks, I have to spend it.
Just when I think my car is Smoking Hot, my car is smoking and needs repairs.
Just when I think my 12 year old is converting to being Nice to four year old, a bad mood creeps in.
Just when I think my 15 year old is going to turn 16, there is a huge blow out on the satanic side and I think someone is going to lose something more than an Ipod.
Just when I think my husband is wearing his BIG BOY PANTS and can run his own business he has a break down and slams doors and I'm here to pick up the splinters.
Dear God. Give me strength!
Dear me!
Dear Heavenly Father......Bless me!
Help me to breath and get enough sleep so I can have energy to DEAL! And not just survive, thrive.
Help me to Help the ones in my family.
Thank you God for everything!

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