Monday, February 8, 2010

My birthday

I have mixed emotions about my birthday. First the good news. A lot of friends on facebook said Happy Birthday, left funny messages! It was so good to see some familiar faces say HI.

Adrienne and Chris came back friday night around 9:00 pm. We stayed up and chatted a bit. Ron and I had a job at 8:00 o clock in the morning so we got up around 6:00, showered and headed off. It was a good morning. All went well. 5 hours of work. Got done around 1:00. We had some chex mix in the van, so we snacked on that and Ron bought me a mcdouble hamburger for lunch.

Got home around 3:00 and hung out with the kids dancing and singing to the Band Hero. We had left overs for supper. Chris spoke at a baptism. That was nice of him. I didn't know there was one.

The kids were so excited for me to have cake and open presents I kept putting them off. Wait til Chris gets home. Wait til dad gets in here. Ron never did come in. He was outside for 3 hours. So we had a party without him. He was testing a stupid battery that was deemed dead! LET THE THING DIE.........UGH, haha!

So strawberry shortcakes. YUMMY and my first present was a scrap book that Shai and Adrienne and Justice and Karrea put together. They had love notes in there too.

Then I got a 3 disc 80's Jam set. YAY!

Then I got the new Susan BOYLE CD.............I screamed and cried! I couldn't believe it. I only said i wanted it once.

My kids were so good to me.

I was so happy that Chris and Adrienne came back or I would have been forgotten again!

You would think the man I have been married to for 22 years would do something.......anything...........I mean, I did help him at his job that morning! He claims he did something for me.......he took me to lunch. Thanks HUN!

I know I shouldn't put a price on LOVE so why do I do that???

Anyway........Thanks KIDS I LOVE YOU! Thank you Friends who wished me happy birthday. It means a lot to me! You love me, you really love me! LOL