Monday, December 7, 2009

The weekend

This past weekend went fairly well. Shai had districts in Grand Island for The Anatomy of Grey. They took 1st place. YAY! They are going to state. They host state, so we shall see. Go Mr. Shoemaker, and kids, haha! Justice, Karrea and I ran errands. We ate lunch at McDonalds because for some reason we like those darn cups! UGH! Ron was over at Grandma's house cleaning out the remaining stuff. Mom closes on it the 21 of Dec. Gary decided to sign the papers but refuses to pay back taxes and repairs. Once again, Nancy gets the short end of the stick. What is new!?

After lunch my little man (almost a man) bucked up and got his working hands on and helped me clean the house. It sparkled after we were done. Sunday we all trash it so today I started over and Ron vacuumed while I did everything else. Good thing I like to clean. haha! Nothing sexier than a man with a vacuum, I always say! haha!

We have the missionaries over for supper. Looks like there are still 5 of them here. Plus Kelsi and Tony may venture over. I am hoping to help Doug and Abby with their carpets tonight too. Its very exciting for them to finally have a house of their own! YAY for you guys! If anyone is interested we are taking donations so we can move into our first house too, haha!

The spaghetti sauce is simmering and the house is clean and I hear the shovel out on the deck from Ron. I hope we are safe if we get this big snow storm everyone is worried about! Everyone have toilet paper and water? haha!

Have a great FHE night! (we had ours last night about repentance. It was good Moroni 8:25-28)

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