Saturday, October 3, 2009

been awhile

I think I have taken some time to heal some hurt feelings that I have had.

I have also been extremely busy with Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning. Helping Ron and people is what I was born to do! I LOVE IT! This month we have gotten over 40.00 in tip money. Even when I tell the people Ron is the OWNER, they still give us a 10.00 or more tip. It is wonderful.

I find there are days when I go into someone's home I feel very overwhelmed, thoughts of HOW DO PEOPLE LET THEIR CARPET GET THIS BAD? flood my mind. Then I say.....hey, that is what keeps our bills paid and food on the table. I find it a blessing that people need us.

I have to say, I cringe at the very thought that people actually clean their own carpets. I have done it before too. I also have two rooms of carpet that need stretched out too, steaming cleaning is a bad word! LOL!!! It loosens the backing of your carpet, leaving it stretched out and wet far too long.

I love the products that we use and I love the process and I love helping people.

I will be home more. Our Baby sitter starts school next week. Now Ron has to run the business on his own. We have talked about switching some days. I'll go and clean carpets while he watches the kids. Life was going to good, now there is a wrench in it! I hope it works out! God is very good to us! We may not have all the material things but we are healthy and strong and together! Who knew we would still be together after 21 years!?

You can tell I'm rambling.

Talked with Adrienne today. She and Chris were on their way to general conference. I'm so glad she gets to experience that. They were in Row A I think she said. In the conference center. How sweet is that? I could never give her that experience. I'm sure she is having a better experience anyway. She is not with annoying people, Lol!

Ron is over helping his mom. They are trying to get 4102 Ave H ready to sell. How sad! That is grandpa and grandma's house. What are we going to do now? We have no garage to put our firebird, and tools, and stuff! What is stuff anyway?

Missed Saturday conference. Busy running around. Trying to Help Ron and his mom. I haven't really had a life of my own for awhile. Its always revolving around someone else. I guess that is how God needs it. I don't make good choices on my own anyway! LOL!! Shoot, when I have a day off, I lay in bed watching movies and eat everything in the house! NOT A GOOD THING! So why have free time? It just causes heart burn!

I will attend on Sunday. I like to read the saturday session and watch Sunday. I'm not sure why that is!

Can't wait to see Adrienne on Wednesday. Her birthday is monday the 5th. They were going to be here, but their plans changed. We took the day off for her, but now she will be here a few days later. What do we do? Life goes on! See what I mean by my life revolves around other people. They tell me they are going to be here, I don't schedule any carpet cleaning jobs. They change their minds and we have 2 jobs on Wednesday. Wow. Life is crazy! Life is good!

Those are my ramblings. I'm off to watch a movie!


GRAMEE said...

you have very much convinced me to call heavens best next month when we "have" to have our cartets cleaned. it is in our lease her to have our carpets cleand by a pro once a year.. and i can't believe we will have been her a year.

when i saw a hb van i thought of you..

love you!

GRAMEE said...

and you have been missed.. i keep hoping you will update!