Wednesday, August 5, 2009

random thoughts of July

July went by too quickly! Too many late nights, early mornings. Ron and I cleaned carpets in our sleep. It was the biggest money making month he has had. I'm very proud of him. He even paid me for my services. YAY! I turned around and bought groceries with it. What is new. My big slurge was a pedicure and some gel nails! YAA!

I did have a 5 day vacation. Went to Colorado. Went rafting in the colorado river, ate at the olive garden, my favorite place. Met some new friends and maybe family and got to know Adrienne a little better. Good and Bad! Life lessons!

I missed some of my visiting teaching ladies, which made me really sad because of the business! Learned that I can give a long talk. I think it was about 20-25 minutes. Bishop told me to sit down, LOL embarrassing!!!!! I haven't received a phone call about it, telling me I was an embarrassment to my husband or children, so I guess its all good! Had my kids listening and crying. Is that all that matters? maybe! Ron even got teary eyed! He said it was a great talk! God is good!

I miss my friends online and in real life! Don't really want more time in a day, just maybe a break to do some fun things too. Maybe in the CK? LOL!!!

My dad called me. That was cool. My step dad called me about 12 times. My granny died. I'm happy for her. She had a few strokes after 2004, she was not herself. God took her mobility, and voice. What could she do? WEll, I know what she couldn't do. She couldn't hurt Jerry or I any more. I hope she had time to make things right with God. Sheriff showed up on my deck. Scared the kids. The Power of Attorney didn't know my phone number, I shut off my landline and went to all cells. They found me on the internet. Thank Heaven's for Internet. As much as she was mean to me, sitting at the morgue for over a week is not a good thought. I didn't make it to her burial because I was in Grand Junction. She didn't mention me in her will, but my kids. They may get some yarn if they are lucky! Rest in Peace Granny! I hope you and your daughter are now speaking! God Bless!

random thoughts...gotta love them! Gotta get them off my chest! Have a great one!

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