Monday, August 10, 2009

one week til school starts

I am not sure if I Am going to celebrate, or cry. Life is changing so much. Kaleb is going to school this year. I have had him since he was 6 weeks old. He is being a holy terror, so I may celebrate at first and then cry. Cooper starts school this year too. He has been here for over a year. Mom was at whits end with potty training and sippy cups. He grew up in 3 weeks after he came. He used to complain he was so tired and he was cranky, then mom got him some glasses and he has been so sweet! I'm going to cry when he starts school. I got a call from Coopers aunt who wants me to watch her 2 month old baby. I'm going to cry! This is baby number 3 from that family along with little guys I have watched, so all in all, I have watched 7 of the "grandkids" from the Stevens. I feel very honored!

Justice starts middleschool friday. I think he is a nervous mess. Shai will be a sophmore. Wow.....I think the musical this year is going to be amazing! I hope she makes it! Adrienne is packing up her room, she claims she is getting clostraphobic in her room since Shai moved in, but I think she is moving closer to the mountains soon. We are all getting anxious for her to move ahead in life.

I'm really nervous, Ron may need me to work with him, but I have to run a daycare. I enjoy working with him. I have 3 children in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Karrea doesn't start school until 2012, that means I'm home for a few more years. Wow. I have thought about putting her in preschool, she loves other kids. How can I leave these babies?

Life changes! Wow!

I think I'll cry a little bit and then I'll celebrate! LOL

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