Friday, July 10, 2009

Time flies!

What is that old saying "I am busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest!"

I can't believe what this past month has endured. Life lessons everywhere. Some I have liked, some I haven't. I will just share some of them in random thoughts. Maybe I can get some sleep. Lets see, what has been on my mind.

True love endures when 2 people forgive each other. I will stand up and be counted. I am worthy of good things. Watching Fresh love bloom is refreshing to me, and makes me want to reach for that "feeling" again. I'm sorry dad I forgot you on Fathers Day. I forgot my stepdad too. I am Sorry Jerry I forgot your birthday. I'm a terrible (busy) daughter. Elders come out on their mission for someone. I like waking up and starting a new day. Self esteem comes when you exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep, and look in the mirror and say...I am who God needs me to be! It's all a balancing act! I love saving people. I love helping little old ladies with their "charlotte's webs". I wished I could sleep. I haven't slept since someone got moved away. I hope I have found a new friend. I am grateful my kids are watching the daycare while I'm helping Ron. They will never know how much I appreciate it.I hope my finger feels better in the morning, Its not fun shutting your finger in the van door, looking down and saying....HEY, I THINK THAT'S MY HAND. How do I get it out now? haha! I love making white carpet white again. thank goodness for bread and water, maybe I can go lay down again and at least get 2 hours of rest. I love having a heart that beats, but it is scary when it 1. beats too fast. 2. Beats too hard. 3. Doesn't beat at all. 4. When its broken. 5. When it yearns for something different.

those are some random thoughts for this Am. More later! Good morning? Good night?

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