Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time Out For Women Approaching!

I find myself very anxious as I see my trip to Denver to Time Out for Women approaching. This will be a new set of friends I'll be with. Will I behave myself? Who knows! ha ha!

Sunday was fast Sunday for me. I love Fast Sunday. I love to fast. I have a great testimony of Fasting. I love the control that I give to Heavenly Father when He sees me give up my passion for 24 hours. I live to eat, I don't eat to live.

I had a particular thing I was praying for. My heart to soften. My mind to soften. Okay, I'll be honest here, my first prayer was to have the other person change. It was their fault, you know. Then I reflected for a few seconds and I continued dedicating my prayer to the fast. Heavenly Father, I know it is me that needs to change. Please help me change.

Saturday night I got the distinct impression that I needed to drive myself to the Hastings Ward Conference. I had planned on taking part of my family. With Saturday morning being full of my loud voice repeating over and over again the things people needed to do so we could leave the house and do some shopping, the thought of having to do that Sunday morning, was NOT appealing to me.

If my family wanted to go Hastings with me, they needed to do their part to get themselves OUT of bed and ready. They are old enough to do that. The 3 year old is ready before any of them. No, she doesn't sleep in her dress, but she would if I would let her. She did have a dress on when I peeked in on her, but thankfully when I got home she had a different one on, ha ha!

I got up, wasn't overly quiet, but wasn't noisy like I chose to be the week before. I went my own pace, searched for things that Heavenly Father wanted me to know that day. I knew I had 2 hours at least to myself. One hour there, one hour home.

I was gathering my stuff and I remembered a CD I bought at the Omaha Time Out for Women that I wanted to get to. Elia Gourgouris is a family therapist. I loved his pep talk. He signed it for me..... Ron and of luck in your marriage. I have been wanting to listen to it, but I guess the timing just wasn't right for me or crazy.

I finished most of by the time I got to Hastings. Very enlightening. Had a great conference. Felt the spirit prompt me on several occasions to give certain advice or encouragement to different people. I LOVE THAT. (one of the major reasons I love to fast. The closeness I feel with the spirit).

I was going to go to the Grand Island 3 Branch conference so I headed down Osborne Highway. It didn't feel right. I turned onto the interstate and headed home. Listening a second time to the C.D. The power I felt was overwhelming. I learned a lot of things about myself that hurt. Things I NEEDED and most of all WaNtEd to change.

These changes are usually only one sided. I go to these TOFW things and I come home discouraged because I just can't do it all by myself. I really want to implement all the things these fine saints have shared but I live in hickville with hicks that don't think life needs any changin.

I left the CD in the car. Monday morning came and it was Ron's turn to take Shai to seminary. He didn't come in right away. We got ready for work and headed to Hastings. Somehow the conversation came up about Deposits in our banks. (emotional banks). He had listened to some of the CD.

We came to an agreement that we would change ONE thing for 7 days. All I feel like I can share is.....So far So good! I hope that I can continue to do what I promised I would do for Ron.

I am so grateful for TOFW. I am grateful for the people who take time out of their day to share their testimonies with us to whom don't have BYU TV access. Sitting in a room full of sisters who want to be a ZION people is very satisfying!

I can't wait! I can't wait to have an adventure with Shai and Adrienne and my new friends, BONNIE and her friend and her friend and her friend and my friend, ha hah!!!! 10 ladies....can it be any funner???

I would encourage anyone to attend. It is so worth the 50.00 for Friday night and all day Saturday.

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Bon said...

I am so excited, I love to be uplifted, but feel like you overwelmed that I can't take it all and change and be PERFECT. Guess that is why I need to keep going so i can do a little better each time. See ya TOMORROW.