Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time Out For Women

I just put my check in the mail for tickets for Time Out For Women in Denver. I am so excited. My first experience at Time Out For Women was in Kansas City. I drove, and amazingly enough, I didn't get lost. I went with some sisters in the ward. Had a great time. It was a 6 hour drive but seemed like 2 hours.

I loved meeting Sheri Dew, Hilary Weeks, Pamela Hansen, Sharon Larsen, and a few others. I truly felt the spirit of Emma Smith on Friday night. I repented of my feelings I had for her, they were pretty harsh.

I loved all the messages from the Saturday Session and enjoyed all the books I purchased and actually read.

The Next TOFW I went to Denver. I drove again. I went with Debbie's family this time. I almost killed us on the busy hiways. Too many navigators, LOL!! I enjoyed spending time with Tauna, my online friend. It was such a treat to rub shoulders with her and know that both of us were there for specific reasons. She was my shoulder to bounce off ideas and frustrations. Louise was a rock for me. She helped me heal my broken heart about Moms. I really appreciated her spirit talking to mine even when she never said a word.

I got to meet Kenneth Cope, Mary Ellen Edmunds, Pamela Hansen again, Virginia Pearce (pres. Hinckley's Daughter), and Jenny Oaks Baker on violin, and her nephew on the piano. Fabulous! What a Great spirit the music brought friday night! Saturday was filled with Laughter and insight.

I attended TOFW in Omaha last fall. Wow. I went with my friends in the stake and Adrienne. Met up with some ladies from the stake and enjoyed just BEING away from the family. I really enjoyed the music again. Jenny Oaks Baker, Kenneth Cope, Cheri Call. I walked away with a knowledge of Sin and Weakness, there is a difference. I struggle with food as a weakness. The Lord is going to teach me Temperance on this! I didn't have a lot of AH HA moments, light bulb moments, but I just really enjoyed the sisters I was with. The Travel, the laughter, the friendship. Laurie drove this time. It was nice to chill. I was told that my good friend who I was cleaning his house had died 3 weeks before (God Rest your Soul Jim Gilbert) and so for me not driving, that was a good thing because I was a mess. I had mascara in my eyes for a long time.

On the way home a sister in the Stake asked if we would drive her car home to Kearney for her husband to pick it up. Stacy was brave and took on the task and so Adrienne and I rode with Stacy. We talked a lot. We learned a lot and our friendship and respect grew for one another.

This trip I'm taking with some new ladies in the stake. It's March 6, 7. I will be meeting up with Tauna and her mom in Denver. Laurie and her Sil, and niece, and Bonnie and her Friend, and Adrienne and Stacy. I'm excited. I hope I don't overwhelm them with my dorkiness. You either Hate me or you Love me. I am real. And I'm a real dork sometimes. I wear my heart on a sleeve and my opinions too. ha ha! I love to talk and I love to share many lessons of life. I am hoping to be taught this time.

A man who NOT learn from anyone but himself has a fool for a teacher!

I am open to learning! (I'll say that three times and click my heels)

I am counting down the days to TOFW.
Maybe you can come with us this fall to Kansas City!

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Bon said...

YEAH for timeout, i am excited, I love dorkiness, you know laughter is a good thing, and you can lose calories laughing,lol. It is nice to have a break and focus on yourself for a day or two, I am greatful the church finds it important too. So how many days left???